Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trip to Evantson

My brother, Nate and his family live in Evanston, Wyoming. Nate teaches high school there (which is really weird to me, since I remember him hating high school - a lot!!). My mom heads down to the Utah, Idaho, Wyoming area every summer once school is out here in Washington to spend time with Nate's family, my sister and her mom. Since Adam has been dying to see his cousins, Adam, Jackson and I decided to join her for the drive down to spend some time in Evanston. I was pretty much dreading the drive down, but it turned out to be so much better than I was imagining! Adam did a lot of coloring and watched several movies. Jackson slept, and when he got bored, I climbed into the back seat to play and talk. We took the drive slow, and stopped for the night in Boise, where we did some swimming. Adam thought it was great to make a bed on the floor for the night. "Just like a sleep-over!"
We had such a great time with Nate, Shae, Noah, Talia, Adien and Asher! Here are some of the highlights of the trip:
Noah started Kindergarten this past school year. Adam thinks it's so cool that Noah goes to school. Adam can't wait until he gets to start school! So, when Shae said we could take the kids to Noah's school for lunch - I knew we had to go. (The school district offers free summer lunch to kids 18 and younger). Adam was so excited to eat at school! He carried his tray and got himself some fruit cocktail and pickles. Here's Adam and Noah showing me what they're having for lunch. It was corn dogs and cheetos!
After lunch, we spent some time on the playground. Jackson LOVES to swing.
Adam and Noah. Adam told Noah that he is his best friend.
It was H-O-T, hot in Evanston - especially coming from Washington where we can count on one hand the days the temperature has crept over 65 degrees this "summer". After going to lunch at Noah's school and taking a trip to see Nate's school and classroom, we took the kids home and pulled out the sprinkler. They had fun running thru the sprinkler til they got cold, and then drying off by jumping on the trampoline. Adam and Noah took a little break to play some video games. Adam is playing Noah's DS, and Noah is playing Adam's Leapster.
Jackson and I tried out the trampoline as well. It was hot!
Noah is playing T-Ball, and we got to go to one of his games. He gets to play on a real ball field! Noah is so funny - he wears batting gloves when he goes up to bat. He takes T-Ball very seriously! I loved this picture of him getting ready to run from second base. Noah is in the dark shirt.
Here are the spectators. Adam, Aiden and Talia enjoying a sucker while watching.
Jackson enjoyed a sucker as well.
At least most of the time!!
Adam had so much fun running around with his cousins. He was exhausted every night! I'm so glad we made the drive with Grandma! It was fun to see them all together!

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