Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Haircut

We've been debating about giving Jackson a haircut for a few weeks. It's not that his hair was super long, it was just all different lengths, and was starting to look like a mop. We finally broke down and broke out the razor for a quick buzz cut. We did it right after dinner, and gave Jackson a piece of licorice to suck on during the ordeal. We were all prepared for major screaming and thrashing (which is how Adam always responded to a haircut - it's only been in the past 8 months or so that he has finally stopped throwing a fit while getting a haircut.), but Jackson surprised us and just sat in his high chair sucking on the licorice.
He even managed to give me some good smiles!
Until we got to the back of his head, when he decided he wasn't having much fun anymore! The bad thing about giving him the licorice is that he was so sticky! He had a little hair beard! You can also see his face is tinted red from the licorice (although some of that redness is also because he was pretty mad)!
Here's the final picture after a nice shower to clean up the hair and licorice. I think he looks very different, but pretty darn cute! I do already miss all that fine baby hair, but his head is cute and fuzzy now!!

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