Thursday, April 28, 2011

Listening in...

This morning, I asked Adam to play with Jackson for a few minutes so I could fold some laundry without Jackson's "help".  They went into Adam's room, and I listened to them playing together.  This part melted my heart...
Adam: "Hey Jackson, I like being with you."
Jackson: "ok"
Adam: "Do you like being with me?"
Jackson: "Yesssshhhh!"

They played together for close to an hour!  It was priceless!

A short story

So here's my side of the story. I did give Tammy the deadline because as she points out so often I'm nearly 40 and getting really old! So we agreed to try and have kids until I was 40. As she stated that was extended which you can read about in the long story. So Tammy's breathing was getting worse over the weekend and when she came back from the going to the school district in tears I told her I would go in late and figure out the kids. I got them to a neighbor and went to work. I was pretty worried because she may not like to admit it but she is just as stubburn as me when it comes to the doctor. So I knew it must be hurting if she actually went. She gave me updates during her appointment as she had so many waits between steps. She finally called to tell me she had "Pluersy". I said "What is that?" She siad "It's very common in your first trimester!" I said "So how did you get it?" She said "think about it?"

That was a long pause then I said "So how did you ge...... NOOOOO" Not no as in I was mad but NOOOOOO as in I was totally shocked because we have never gotten pregnant without her getting medical help! Our entire family is very excited to welcome the next addition to our family.

The Lord has truly blessed us! It has been a roller coaster ride going form trying for 8 years with no luck, some experts in the field telliing us we would never have children of our own to wondering what both of our patriarcle blessings meant by family and kids (the life to come?)to now our 3rd little miracle! Tammy has gotten great medical help allowing her to get pregnant but I have no doubt that the Lord is the reason behind us having our children! Shortly before she got pregnant with Adam my dad called telling us that the cost for a mission had gone up and wanted to know if we could cover the added amount for my sisters mission. Tammy and I gladly said yes. That was late September early October. Tammy was pregnant in December with no medical help at the time (We were going to use fertility drugs starting in January). He has continued to bless in such ways!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A long story

I've got a nice long story to share, so settle in and enjoy some reading (the ending is happy - I promise).
A few weeks ago - back in March, Scott and I went on a date with some friends.  We had fun at dinner and saw a really good movie ("I am Number 4").  During the movie I started to feel kind of weird - I had a kind of tightness in my chest, but didn't think too much of it.  The next morning was Sunday, and we don't have church until 1:00, so it was a lazy morning.  I was still having this weird feeling when I would try to take a deep breath, but it wasn't really getting worse so I wasn't worried about it.  We went about our normal Sunday business and went to bed.  The next morning, I had to run up to the school district office.  The deposit for full day kindergarten was supposed to be paid the previous Friday, and I had totally spaced it - so I made sure that I was at the district office as soon as it opened to drop off the deposit.  While I was driving home I realized that I was really having a hard time breathing.  Every time I would try to take more than just a shallow breath, pain would shoot up through my chest and into my right shoulder.  It was definitly getting worse.  When I got home, I told Scott I think I needed to go to the doctor, so he made arrangements for the kids and I called the doctor, and was luckily able to get in pretty quickly.
I had to wait, what seemed like forever to be called back to see the doctor.  I hate going to the doctor on Monday's because it's always so crazy, and this Monday was no exception.  After waiting for about 30 minutes, I was finally called back and went through all my symptoms with the nurse, and then with the doctor.  Once finished, the doctor listened to my lungs, which were clear, and then said she'd like to run several tests, including an EKG and X-rays, and depending on what those showed, perhaps a CAT scan.  So, the nurse hooked up the EKG, which turned out to be totally normal.  Then the doctor asked if there was any chance I could be pregnant before they sent me down for x-rays.  I shrugged her off and said there was like a 2% chance, but she insisted on a pregnancy test, just to be sure.  So, I headed down to the lab and peed into a cup and left it in the little cubby in the bathroom and went back out to the waiting room to wait some more.  About 20 minutes later, the technician called me back for x-rays.  As I walked into the room and turned around, waiting for my instructions, the technician said "I'm sorry, but we can't perform x-rays today, your pregnancy test came back positive."

That's me being in total shock waiting for those words to sink in....  The first I said was "did you mix my urnine up with someone else's?"  The technician didn't even crack a smile.  She just handed me the test results and sent me back upstairs to see the doctor.  So - that's how we found out that, yes, I am indeed pregnant.  I was in such shock when I saw the doctor, that she offered to have a blood test done to confirm the urine results.  (which also came back positive)
You see - ever since Jackson was born, I've had the impression that we would have one more child.  Scott has not been on that same page, but he told me that I had until his 40th birthday (which is coming up in June) - after that he was done.  So, last spring, I started going back to acupuncture and tracking my basal body temperature, and taking prenatal vitamins, and doing all those tricks that had helped in the past.  Then December came and went, and I didn't get pregnant (both my boys have September birthdays...)  I was a little disappointed, but Scott and I had been asked to be a Ma and Pa for our Stake's Youth Conference Trek at Martin's Cove this coming summer, so I was super excited about that and Scott extended my deadline until the end of 2011.  So, I stopped going to acupunture, and I stopped tracking my temperature and I started working out harder on the treadmill so I would be in good enough shape for Trek.  So, you can imagine my surprise...
We are so thrilled to welcome a new addition.  My due date is November 15th and I am thrilled to soon be through the first trimester and very hopeful that I will start feeling better soon.  We've had fun telling our families, and even bought a "Big Bro" shirt for Jackson (there is a picture on this blog with him wearing that shirt - and no one even commented on it!!)
By the way - the doctor diagnosed me as having Pleursy, which is when the sac lining your lungs swells and makes it hard to breathe.  She said I must have caught a virus that caused it, and that if it didn't go away within a week to come back.  Luckily, it did and I've been able to breathe just fine while I've been throwing up - so that's all good.
So - that's my long story.  Kuddos, if you made it all the way through!
And - just for fun - here's a picture of the home pregnancy test that I bought on the way home from the doctor...

The new piggy-back ride

This is how the boys get piggy-back rides around our house!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We were so lucky that Easter weekend brought beautiful weather with it!  The sunshine was heavenly, and we enjoyed the easter egg hunt, and coloring easter eggs outside!!
We started Saturday morning with the annual community easter egg hunt.  It was great to have the Terry's come back and join us for this fun tradition! 
Here are some pics of Adam and his hunt.
 And here's Jackson!  I love the first picture of him - all ready to go!  It only took him about 5 seconds to figure out what he was supposed to do!  He had fun walking around, picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket. 
 After all the eggs were opened, we headed back to our house with the Terry's for some egg coloring.  Jackson quickly had blue fingers from dunking his entire hand in the cup of dye. 
 He had to show everyone his blue hand!  (This picture was taken after we had tried washing the dye off!)
 Eventually, Jackson was worn out, so he sat on the swing with Grandpa.
 And then he decided to play in the dirt.  His bath water was very dirty that night!!
 The next morning, Adam was excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought him.  (He won that humongous bunny he's holding at the egg hunt the day before)
 And here's Jackson going to check out what the bunny brought him as well (he also won that little bunny he's holding)
 The boys both got a couple of Hex Bugs and a track for them to run on.  Jackson got that cute green and orange bug chair, and Adam got a new two-wheeled scooter - along with a little bit of chocolate and a few jelly beans.
We had a fun easter celebrations with family and friends. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jackson at 18 months

I have been a blogging slacker lately.  I may have a good excuse - I just have to think of it!  Jackson did have his 18 month checkup this past week.  It was only about 3 weeks late, but at least I got it done, right?
He was off the charts for both height and weight.  He is 35&1/4 inches tall and weighs 31&1/4 pounds.  Adam didn't have an 18 month checkup, so I have nothing to compare him too.  I'm guessing Jackson is bigger, because I don't remember Adam being totally off the charts on anything.
Here's my Jackson.  He wants to be a big boy so bad!  Adam is (sort of) learning to ride his bike without training wheels.  Jackson wanted a turn on the big bike too!  He loved it!
 Here he is at the zoo a couple weeks ago.  This is my typical Jackson.  He is a happy guy, and is usually talking, talking, talking! 
I am really amazed at how fast he is growing up!  It seems so much faster than Adam.  He says so many words, and can obey simple requests like, "go get your shoes", or "put that in the garbage".  His favorite thing to do is wrestle with daddy and Adam.  Although, Adam has to be careful, because Jackson is a wild man!!   We are so happy to have this kiddo in our family!  He makes us laugh every day!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Great Wolf Lodge Pics

My mom got some great pictures at Great Wolf Lodge - here are a few...
 Jackson loved to sit at this window in the lobby.  Everytime we would head down to the lobby, he would make a beeline for the window and beg to be lifted up onto the ledge.  The water park is on the other side.
 Adam LOVED sleeping on the top bunk in the "kids cabin"
 Cute Jackson peeking through the window.
 Much better picture of the boys climbing on the ice cream bear.
 Do you think Jackson enjoyed the ice cream?
 Adam had the ice cream with confetti in it.  It tasted just like a vanilla cake mix before you bake it...
 Jackson was fascinated with this guy.  He was so nice to let him strum on his guitar.  I think we stood there for a good 10 minutes!