Monday, April 18, 2011

Jackson at 18 months

I have been a blogging slacker lately.  I may have a good excuse - I just have to think of it!  Jackson did have his 18 month checkup this past week.  It was only about 3 weeks late, but at least I got it done, right?
He was off the charts for both height and weight.  He is 35&1/4 inches tall and weighs 31&1/4 pounds.  Adam didn't have an 18 month checkup, so I have nothing to compare him too.  I'm guessing Jackson is bigger, because I don't remember Adam being totally off the charts on anything.
Here's my Jackson.  He wants to be a big boy so bad!  Adam is (sort of) learning to ride his bike without training wheels.  Jackson wanted a turn on the big bike too!  He loved it!
 Here he is at the zoo a couple weeks ago.  This is my typical Jackson.  He is a happy guy, and is usually talking, talking, talking! 
I am really amazed at how fast he is growing up!  It seems so much faster than Adam.  He says so many words, and can obey simple requests like, "go get your shoes", or "put that in the garbage".  His favorite thing to do is wrestle with daddy and Adam.  Although, Adam has to be careful, because Jackson is a wild man!!   We are so happy to have this kiddo in our family!  He makes us laugh every day!!


Diane said...

I just love reading about your family and seeing all the pictures. Your boys are growing so fast!

The Conrad Family said...

A few pounds more and he will outweigh Talia and Aidan! He is such a cute boy!