Monday, January 31, 2011

Toothless - at least one less...

Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about Adam's wacky mouth?  Well - this is what it looked like Sunday night.  You can see the two middle permanent teeth growing in behind the baby teeth.  The tooth on the left was super loose - it could flip almost down flat. 
 Adam had really been stressing out about what it would feel like and was super worried that it would hurt when his tooth came out.  He had talked to every kid he knew that had lost a tooth and asked if it hurt and what the best way is to get his tooth out.  He finally decided that he was ready for it to go.  Someone had told him about tying a string to the tooth and then to the doorknob and he had been talking about that for about a week, and he really wanted to give it a try.  So, Scott got out the dental floss and tied it to his tooth...
 ...and then to the door knob.
 and then he slammed the door.
 Adam started jumping around and looking for his tooth with a big grin on his face!  He was so excited!!  Can you see the tooth in the picture above?  No?  That's because it didn't come out!  The picture is actually pretty good - you can see the end of the string flying out of his mouth, but the knot slipped right off his tooth.  Adam was pretty disappointed. 
He decided he didn't want to try that again, so Scott got some toilet paper and just pulled the tooth right out.
 Bloody hole...
 And a funny looking gap...
 One of Scott's employees gave Adam this cute little tooth box for him to keep his teeth safe until the tooth fairy comes. 
 The tooth fairy did in fact come.  She left Adam $3, and a little note.  Here's what the note said: "Dear Adam, Thanks for the tooth!  You were very brave!  Especially when you tried the door trick.  Most kids are too scared to try that.  I'll be back for the next  tooth, it's looking loose!  Take care of them!  Love, The Tooth Fairy"
Adam's been very excited to show everyone his missing tooth.  He told his teacher at preschool, and was super excited to tell all his classmates at circle time.  It's crazy to me how fast he is suddenly growing up!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jackson's style

This is Jackson's new style lately.... 
And this is why... 

He is fascinated with his belly.  He is constantly picking up his shirt to look at his belly and show anyone who will look his belly button.  If I snap his onesie at the bottom he pulls at it and screams until I unsnap it.  I do agree - that belly is pretty darn cute!

Adam says...

Adam: "Mom, what do you think I'm doing" (with his tongue hanging out)
Mom: "I'm not sure"
Adam: "Giving my tongue some air"

Silly guy!

Getting ready for Kindergarten!

Adam will start kindergarten in the fall.  Some days I'm really excoted about that fact.  Other days I'm kind of sad that my boys are growing up so fast.  The Edmonds School District had a little fair the other day where you could go and learn about all the different activities and programs that are available.  You could also go meet the principal at your school and pick up registration packets.  We decided to go check it out.  It was held at the new Lynnwood highschool.  Adam met and talked to a couple of members of the school board, he shook hands with the principal of his school, he talked to the office manager of his school and told her that his grandma works in a school office too, and we picked up the packet to get him registered for kindergarten.  Then we walked around to see what else there was. 
Both boys had fun at the music station.
The best time was had in the gym where they had a bunch of sports activities set up.   

And then we got to ride a school bus.  Adam thought that was pretty cool!  Jackson just wanted to walk up and down the aisles.  He wasn't too happy about having to stay in one seat once the bus started moving. 

 It was a fun way to spend the morning, and now Adam is even more excited about starting kindergarten!  We are hoping that Adam is able to go to kindergarten full time in the fall.  The current part time schedule is - full days Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday.  There is a lottery for full time kindergarten (and we have to pay for it), but we are hoping that Adam gets in.  He will turn 6 years old right after school started, and he is ready for school!

Is it a boat or a tent?

It was a dark and stormy night.  All were safe and sound inside the little blue and yellow tent.  And then the rain started!  Soon the the tent was surrounded by rain!  The little brother slipped out into the pouring rain!  Big brother tried all he could to help little brother back into the tent, which had now become a boat!  Little brother finally found the opening and was able to crawl back onto the boat.  All was well and they sailed down the river in their tent boat.

Helpful Jackson

Aunt Tiffy gave Jackson a blow up zebra for his birthday this past September.  The boys have had fun tackling it, punching it, kicking it and throwing it.  Unfortunately the poor zebra has developed a hole and he often looks droopy by the end of the day.  Jackson will bring it over to mommy or daddy and grunt which we have interpreted to mean "can you please blow up my zebra."  (He's very polite - don't  you think?)  Jackson has decided he can help blow him up too!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome Home Humpy!

Today, we welcomed a new member to our family!  Scott and I had been talking about getting Adam a fish for awhile - so today Adam and daddy took a trip to the pet store.  Apparently, Adam did some serious searching and then comparing to make sure he brought home the right guy. 
So, here he is - meet Humpy!
 Adam chose the name.  It started out as just Hump - Adam explained that it was short for Humptey Dumptey (not sure why a beta fish made him think of that particular nursery rhyme, but I don't confess to understand the workings of a 5- year olds brain!)  Over the course of the day, his name has evolved and we added a "y" on the end to make it Humpy.  Adam is so excited!  He runs upstairs to his room to "check on Humpy" at least every 10 to 15 minutes.  We did have to explain to him that Humpy can't play with him, and he can't take the tank down off the shelf, or feed Humpy anything but fish food.  I kind of wish I could know what Adam was thinking when he asked all these questions! 
He sure does love his new pet!!

Why Adam is so Awesome!

So I was talking with Adam one night after reading him a book just before bed. Here's the conversation.

Dad - I'm pretty lucky.
Adam - Why?
Dad - Because Heavenly Father blessed me with an awesome son like you!
Adam - Ya, I'm pretty Awesome.
Dad - Laughing - Why?
Adam - Because I have Awesome Bakugan's, and I have awesome Hot Wheels!

I love how simple things are when your that age!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pajama Party!

Adam's school hosted a fun pizza and pajama party this past week.  Adam had been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks, and was very glad it had finally arrived.  The best part - daddy was able to join us!  Adam was so excited to show Scott around his school.  He took him into every room and told him what they did in each one.  It was so great!  Daddy even came in his pajamas too (mommy too)!  Here are all my boys posing for a picture while we waited for the show to start.  (all these pics were taken with Scott's iphone, which is why they are all little fuzzy...)

We had a pizza picnic on the floor of the "big muscle room".  Jackson really enjoyed the pizza.  I think he ate close to 3 slices of cheese pizza!
After the pizza was gone, Jackson was ready for some wrestling.  He kept tackling Adam!
 Soon, it was time for the show to start.  Adam brought Comet along to see the show.  Here they are patiently waiting!!  Nancy Stewart came and sang some songs and told some stories.  It was fun!
 Everyone got to pretend to go to sleep. 
 And then they did some crazy dancing!
 Jackson had fun walking around saying hi to everyone and making some new friends.  For some reason he laid down right in front of this dad....
Jackson soon got tired and found a place on daddy's lap to watch the show.

This kid knows how to relax!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mutant Mouth

There's some weird stuff going around in our house lately!  Jackson can't seem to get his teeth to pop out - he's been trying to push his pre-molars through for well over a month.  One has finally popped out and I keep checking and waiting for the others to make an appearance. 
Now, Adam on the other hand has teeth coming out everywhere!  Scott was helping him brush his teeth last night and he suddently yelled for me to come into the bathroom.  He pointed into Adam's mouth - behind his bottom front baby teeth.  There poking out of the gums is his permanent tooth - growing in behind his baby teeth.  We could also see a whilt line bulging next to it where his second front permanent tooth will soon be poking through. We tried to wiggle those baby teeth to see if they were loose, but they didn't budge.
Here's the best picture I could get...
Needless to say, both Scott and I were a little freaked out about the whole thing - picturing all the dental bills needed to fix this crazy scenario.  I called the dentist this morning, and was reassured that this is nothing to worry about and that it's actually pretty common.  She mentioned that her youngest son had this same issue, and she has had to pull all of his baby teeth.  Hopefully, it doesn't come to that for Adam and he will loose those baby teeth on his own.  The dentist will check everything out at his next cleaning appointment in a couple of months and we'll figure out the next steps then.  My biggest concern was that with his teeth growing in behind, it would create an over-bite, but the dentist said that most of the time a kids tongue will push the teeth out to the correct position.  We'll just have to watch it as he grows.  I guess there's no happy meduim - either not enough teeth, or too many!

Turn around and CRAWL

Jackson is 15 and a half months old and almost 3 feet tall.  I admit, he is a big boy, he's growing so fast, really starting to talk, and moving around on those cute little bowed legs!  Unfortunately, he has decided that he is big enough to walk down the stairs.  Yes - I said WALK.  He actually does a pretty good job - most of the time, but it scares me to death.  He has fallen down the stairs at least once a day since Saturday.  He just insists on standing up and using the wall to help him balance and walk down the stairs.  I wonder how many times he can fall down the stairs before his body is black and blue with bruises?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Favorites - Adam

I've been having so much fun going through the past year of pictures.  I've really got to figure out how to get all these pictures organized!  Another thing to add to my list...  Anyway - Here are some of my favorites of Adam from 2010.
Such an awesome big brother!!
 Being silly with best buddy Xander.  I love that Xander comes to our home one night every week to play and Adam goes to their home every week as well.  They really are best buds!
 I wanna be like - UNCLE BRIAN!
 Emtpying the dishwasher or practicing for a balancing game?
 Adam is a pro at giving the thumbs up!  He does it all the time!
 Concentrating on an art project with Grandma Wallis.  Adam can be very serious about "projects".
 Playing with little brother.
I am so glad I decided to put Adam in this pre-k class.  This picture is from his first day back in September.  He LOVES going to school, and he is learning so much!  I love being able to go one day a week and really see what he's doing.
 Adam loves the water, and he still talks about the Wallis reunion back in July.  I love this picture of him splashing around.
 And this picture.  I wish I could read his mind...  Man on a mission.
 This is from our trip to see the new Vancouver temple.  I just love that look on his face.
 I'm not sure how much longer Scott's going to be able to carry Adam on his shoulders...
 Love this one.
 And last - this is the Santa and Mrs. Claus that came to the Christmas party at Adam's school.  Adam was confused about why Santa's mom came with him...  He didn't want to sit on this Santa's lap - just shake his hand!
2010 was really a great year!  It's amazing how much growing happens in just 12 months!  I feel blessed to start 2011 and look forward to all the adventures that lay before us!