Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome Home Humpy!

Today, we welcomed a new member to our family!  Scott and I had been talking about getting Adam a fish for awhile - so today Adam and daddy took a trip to the pet store.  Apparently, Adam did some serious searching and then comparing to make sure he brought home the right guy. 
So, here he is - meet Humpy!
 Adam chose the name.  It started out as just Hump - Adam explained that it was short for Humptey Dumptey (not sure why a beta fish made him think of that particular nursery rhyme, but I don't confess to understand the workings of a 5- year olds brain!)  Over the course of the day, his name has evolved and we added a "y" on the end to make it Humpy.  Adam is so excited!  He runs upstairs to his room to "check on Humpy" at least every 10 to 15 minutes.  We did have to explain to him that Humpy can't play with him, and he can't take the tank down off the shelf, or feed Humpy anything but fish food.  I kind of wish I could know what Adam was thinking when he asked all these questions! 
He sure does love his new pet!!

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