Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The other night I had Jackson all ready for bed and set him down on the couch to do something to help Adam. This is what I found when I walked back over...

I was very much reminded of a similar picture of Adam when he was about 7 months old....

Jackson's just missing the duckies!

First Food

I've started giving Jackson rice cereal. He's been wanting to nurse so often, I feel like he's literally sucking the life out of me. So, after his checkup at the doctor when they gave us the go ahead to give it a try, I was all for it! This was his second try at it. You be the judge of whether he likes it or not...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Babies at 4 months

Cute baby boys at around 4 months of age. It's been fun to find pictures of Adam and see how different, and in some cases, the same Jackson is. Adam definately had more hair, and his eyes were lighter in color.

Wii Messages

My brother, Nate, and his family got a Wii for Christmas. After spending lots of time on the phone, and a lot of trial and error, we figured out that we can send messages back and forth to eachother on the Wii. Adam thinks this is a wonderful thing. Every time he plays the Wii, he wants to send a message, so we would send them, but for some reason we weren't getting any of the replies. Well, after playing for his prescribed half hour this morning, Adam went to check the messages, like he does every time, and accidently hit the calendar. I noticed that there were a bunch of envelopes sprinkled thru out the calendar, and when we opened them, we found the messages from Nate and the kids! Adam was THRILLED!! And, he of course, wanted to write back. So, he told me what to write, and then insisted on sending a secret message all by himself to Noah. Hopefully Noah knows the code!! Can anyone make it out?
I did decided that I may be able to use the Wii to help Adam learn to recognize letters, since he doesn't seem at all interested in learning them any other way. After he was done typing up the secret message, I changed the letters to all caps and he spelled out his name all by himself (this is how I figured out he needs to work on those lower case letters - he couldn't find the lower case d). Adam sure is excited to be able to play again so he can check those messages!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Four Months

January has been a very busy month. I'll catch up on other news later - but the big news is that Jackson is 4 months old! He saw the doctor today and here are his vital statistics.
He weighed in at 17 pounds 12 ounces (93%) and is 26 and 7/8 inches long (97%).
I was looking for some paperwork the other day and came across the notes from Adam's first year of checkups. In comparison, at 4 months, Adam was 17 pounds, 4 ounces and 26 and 3/4 inches long. I was betting that Jackson was a lot bigger than Adam, but not really! I was surprised!
Jackson has really started to show his cute little personality over the past month. Here are some picture highlights!
I found this excersaucer on Craigslist, and Jackson is starting to figure it out. He is just tall enough so that his toes touch the ground. The first time I put him in it, he wasn't too sure, but after watching Adam push all the buttons, he knows that something is supposed to happen. He'll sit and stare at it and then glance back and forth to his hand and the button like he's willing something to happen. Finally in the past day or two, he's figured out how to push the button to hear the animal sounds. He does a great job of sitting and holding up his head. He's also still very proficient at the whole drooling thing. Not sure if you can see the line of drool in the second picture below. Notice the wet spot on his shirt.

Jackson is really looking around and noticing things lately. He loves to watch his older brother run around. I think this is the start of total older brother adoration.
Jackson is a CHAMPION sleeper! He is consistently sleeping 12 hours at night, and taking at least two 2 hour naps every day. I love this picture of him sleeping with his thumb in his mouth. He's definately not a binky fan - he'll take his thumb or fingers over the binky, anytime!
Not such a fan of tummy time, but he is rather cute!
He is really getting good at grabbing things with his hands, and putting them right in his mouth. The lady bug is one of his favorite things to suck on. He's a leg man!
It amazes me every day what a great baby Jackson is. Scott and I both are in awe at how lucky we have been with two awesome boys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So...Adam said the blessing on the food tonight. He thanked Heavenly Father for his wives. Yes, wives. He said: "thank you for my wife, and for my other wife. Thank you for my two wives". Where is he getting this stuff???


Adam was coloring a picture today while I fed Jackson. I looked over to see what he was doing, and noticed that he was doing a really great job of coloring in the lines of the picture. I was pretty amazed, because he normally just scribbles all over, so I told him that he was doing a such a good job coloring and staying in the lines. His response was (and I quote): "yea - my wife taught me how to do it!"
I asked him three or four times "WHO taught you how to color like that", and his repsonse every time was "my wife". So, I asked him who his wife was, and he said "I'm getting a new one tomorrow"