Monday, January 25, 2010

Wii Messages

My brother, Nate, and his family got a Wii for Christmas. After spending lots of time on the phone, and a lot of trial and error, we figured out that we can send messages back and forth to eachother on the Wii. Adam thinks this is a wonderful thing. Every time he plays the Wii, he wants to send a message, so we would send them, but for some reason we weren't getting any of the replies. Well, after playing for his prescribed half hour this morning, Adam went to check the messages, like he does every time, and accidently hit the calendar. I noticed that there were a bunch of envelopes sprinkled thru out the calendar, and when we opened them, we found the messages from Nate and the kids! Adam was THRILLED!! And, he of course, wanted to write back. So, he told me what to write, and then insisted on sending a secret message all by himself to Noah. Hopefully Noah knows the code!! Can anyone make it out?
I did decided that I may be able to use the Wii to help Adam learn to recognize letters, since he doesn't seem at all interested in learning them any other way. After he was done typing up the secret message, I changed the letters to all caps and he spelled out his name all by himself (this is how I figured out he needs to work on those lower case letters - he couldn't find the lower case d). Adam sure is excited to be able to play again so he can check those messages!

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