Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Lights

The day after Christmas, we decided to go check out some lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Every year hundreds of people volunteer to deck out these beautiful gardens with an amazing light display. I had never been before, and was so amazed! Adam really enjoyed looking at all of the different things created out of lights. They had an under the sea display in the visitors center. The Jelly fish were very cool. I only had one complaint - it was SOOOO crowded! I was worried I was going to lose Adam in the crowds! Next year, we'll try it on a weeknight when it might not be as crowded!
This is the only picture we got of the boys. Jackson slept thru most of it, but was fascinated by all the lights once he woke up. Adam had a good time looking for all the animals. See if you can find them in the pictures below. There was a monkey, and frog, a dragonfly, a parrot, a spider and an alligator.

It really was an amazing sight. The pictures don't really do the whole display justice. It's something we will definately do again!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jackson's First Christmas

Just some pictures of cute Jackson on his first Christmas.

Here he is with Uncle Brian - and yes, Uncle Brian is giving him a bottle of pear juice. (Per doctors orders - Jackson has an issue pooping - which means he doesn't poop much - once a week, if we're lucky. So, the doctor prescribed 2 ounces of pear juice every day to try and help. It's better than the alternative!!)
I think Jackson had a good first Christmas.

Christmas Morning

Here is Adam's face as he ran down the stairs this morning to see what Santa brought him. Scott got the perfect picture!
This is what Adam saw. Santa brought him a very cool fort building kit. He even built a fort and put Adam's stocking inside.
Adam crawled right in.
To find the super hero Bumblebee! Just what he wanted Santa to bring him.
He quickly pulled out Optimus Prime and Megatron and had a war with daddy inside the fort.
They had a great time playing. Adam agreed that Santa brought him just what he wanted! He had a good time playing while we waited for Uncle Hyrum and Uncle Brian to head over to open presents. Here, the boys are helping daddy make phone calls to make sure that the uncles are on their way.
We had a lovely Christmas morning, and a relaxing day as a family. We hope all of our friends and family did the same. Lots of love to all of you!!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with just our little family of four this year. My parents went to Wyoming to be with Nate's family. We had a nice dinner, and then told the Nativity story with the Fischer Price nativity set. It was fun to hear the story from Adam.
Then, we continued the Christmas Eve pajama tradition.
It was a nice quiet Christmas Eve, and Adam even went to bed easily. Excited for the next morning.

Cookies for Santa

Adam and I made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. We made Santa's most favorite cookies: Scott Manwaring's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. For those of you that know Scott Manwaring and have ever had his cookies, you'll understand - they are the best. I somehow convinced him to give me the recipe years ago (I promise I have kept it a secret!!) I haven't made these cookies for several years, and after getting them made, I remembered why - I could eat the whole batch in one sitting - SO GOOD!!
Anyway - Christmas Eve morning, Adam and I broke out the KitchenAid and mixed up a batch. Adam was a big help pouring all the ingredients in the bowl. He even ended the process with flour on his nose, although you can't really see it in the picture.
Licking the blade after the mixing is all done is the best!
Before going to bed Christmas Eve, Adam picked the best cookies out for Santa and placed them by the fireplace, along with a glass of milk. Daddy thought Santa would rather have a Pepsi, but Adam told him that Santa likes milk with his chocolate chip cookies. Adam also decided to write Santa a note. In case you can't read it in the picture, it says: "Dear Santa, I hope you enjoy the cookies. I made them with lots of love! I love you! Drive Safe! Thanks for the presents! Have a good night! Love, Adam." Adam dictated and I wrote and then Adam signed his name (which is a big feat - he usually has me write it and then he'll trace it, but he actually wrote his name all by himself, just for Santa!)
Here's a close up of the note, so you can see Adam's signature. I was pretty proud of him!
Christmas morning, Adam opened his bedroom door and yelled "Mom, lets go see if Santa ate the cookies!!" It was very cute. He of course, got sidetracked by the presents in the front room, but as soon as he finished checking everything out that Santa brought, he ran back to the fireplace to see if the cookies were gone. He was a little disappointed that Santa left a little piece of one cookie on the plate. I guess Santa was full! But, he did drink all of the healthy milk.
Santa left a note for Adam. Here we are reading it together. He wrote: "Thanks for the cookies and milk Adam. I hope you like your fort. Love Santa"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Advent

This was one of the favorite Christmas traditions growing up. A few years ago, I made an advent box like this for Scott's sister's family and my brother's family. Ever since, I've been looking for a similar box to make one for our family, and haven't been able to find one. Well, this year, my mom passed the one we used growing up down to us. Adam had so much fun! There are 24 slots and in each slot is a present. So, to count down to Christmas, you open a present every day starting December 1st. Growing up, I remember counting each present to figure out which ones I got to open! Adam is one lucky kid, because he got to open a present every day. It was fun to continue a tradition from childhood with my own kids this year! Thanks mom!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Months - ALREADY???

It's hard to believe it's already been three months - although it also feels like Jackson had always been a part of our family. He is such a sweet boy, and we love him so much. Here are some highlights from this month.
Jackson is sitting up really well, if he's proped up on something. I love the look on his face in this picture!
Jackson received his name and blessing over this past month. Here his is on blessing day. Love those chubby cheeks!
It's been fun preparing for Christmas with a four year old and a baby. Here are the boys before church this past Sunday.
Adam loves his little brother!
Needed a picture with an awnry face!
Adam is anxious for the time when Jackson can play him. He's been trying to get Jackson to sword fight with him today!
Guess he's gotta wait a few more months!
Other things that Jackson is doing - he has definately found his hands. He constantly has his fingers or thumb in his mouth and is sucking away. He is also much more vocal - lots of squeeling, and grunting. Sometimes even cute little coos. He is so happy all of the time and has started to giggle. He loves to be bounced up and down, and will giggle when you bounce him. Jackson is also a champion sleeper. We moved him from the cradle in our room into the crib in his room this past month. He is consistently. sleeping from 9pm to 5am. Adam was a good sleeper, but I think Jackson has him beat for sleeping thru the night!
I get a newsletter every week from Parents magazine about the developmental milestones for babies. This is what I read this morning when I opened this weeks newsletter:
"Babies tend to cry most during their first three months, so the worst should be just about over."
I was reminded that Jackson really is an amazing baby! He is so calm and rarely cries. If he cries, you know he's either hungry or tired and those two things are easily fixed with this guy!
So thankful for this cute little guy that joined our family three months ago!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last year, Adam had a hard time with Santa Claus. You can see the picture on our blog from last year here:
This year, we started talking about Santa awhile ago. At first, Adam was very hesitant about going to see him, but he soon warmed up when we told him he needed to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. So, the day after Thanksgiving, we once again trekked to the mall to see Santa. Jackson feel asleep on the way, so Santa had a great idea, he would pretend to be asleep as well, and Adam would tell everyone to be quiet! We kept trying to get Adam to put his finger up to his lips like he was saying "Shhhh". He was having a hard time doing this with his left hand and we finally decided to have him try with his right hand. No problem there!! Pretty obvious we have a right handed boy! Anyway - by the time we had Adam figured out, Jackson was awake, so Santa is the only one sleeping in the picture - but it's still cute.
We've gone to Alderwood Mall for Santa pictures the past four years and it's been the same Santa every year. He is a very sweet Santa! And Adam even talked to him and told him he wants a super hero for Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree!

We made the trek out to a Christmas Tree farm the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was just us this year - along with my sister Tiffiny, who had come up for Jackson's blessing. It wasn't too muddy, but it sure was cold! It's always fun to tromp around looking for the perfect tree. It reminds me of Decembers as a kid! Good memories. There's lot of pictures! Enjoy!
Adam and Dad both find the perfect tree! (Yes, it is the one with the really tall top.)
Adam started out helping dad cut the tree down.
But, soon gave up and let dad have a go. The saw that we were given was not very good. It took a lot of work to get that tree down!
Here is the victorious woodsman!
The family with our Christmas Tree.
We finally brought the tree inside and had a great time decorating Sunday night. (Dec. 6th) Adam loved putting the ornanaments on the tree, and he actually did a pretty good job of making sure they were spread out all over the tree.
Adding the star.
Jackson slept thru most of the decorating, but he did enjoy watching the lights twinkle when he woke up.
Here are the two boys in front of the tree.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gingerbread House

Adam and I were at Joann Fabrics this past week. I saw a gingerbread house kit, and decided that would be a much easier way to start this tradition, then to make the gingerbread myself. And the kit was on sale for only $6.99 - and I figure I would spend that much on candy alone if I bought it all separtely (do you like my rationalizations?) Anyway - I bought the kit, and on Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Conrad stopped by so Adam and Grandpa did some building. They had a great time putting candy all over the house, and enjoyed sampling the candy to make sure it was ok. I think Adam did a pretty good job for his first Gingerbread house!
Here are the builders with the finished product. Not sure about the look on Adam's face. He's a pretty goofy kid!!