Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Lights

The day after Christmas, we decided to go check out some lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Every year hundreds of people volunteer to deck out these beautiful gardens with an amazing light display. I had never been before, and was so amazed! Adam really enjoyed looking at all of the different things created out of lights. They had an under the sea display in the visitors center. The Jelly fish were very cool. I only had one complaint - it was SOOOO crowded! I was worried I was going to lose Adam in the crowds! Next year, we'll try it on a weeknight when it might not be as crowded!
This is the only picture we got of the boys. Jackson slept thru most of it, but was fascinated by all the lights once he woke up. Adam had a good time looking for all the animals. See if you can find them in the pictures below. There was a monkey, and frog, a dragonfly, a parrot, a spider and an alligator.

It really was an amazing sight. The pictures don't really do the whole display justice. It's something we will definately do again!

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