Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree!

We made the trek out to a Christmas Tree farm the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was just us this year - along with my sister Tiffiny, who had come up for Jackson's blessing. It wasn't too muddy, but it sure was cold! It's always fun to tromp around looking for the perfect tree. It reminds me of Decembers as a kid! Good memories. There's lot of pictures! Enjoy!
Adam and Dad both find the perfect tree! (Yes, it is the one with the really tall top.)
Adam started out helping dad cut the tree down.
But, soon gave up and let dad have a go. The saw that we were given was not very good. It took a lot of work to get that tree down!
Here is the victorious woodsman!
The family with our Christmas Tree.
We finally brought the tree inside and had a great time decorating Sunday night. (Dec. 6th) Adam loved putting the ornanaments on the tree, and he actually did a pretty good job of making sure they were spread out all over the tree.
Adding the star.
Jackson slept thru most of the decorating, but he did enjoy watching the lights twinkle when he woke up.
Here are the two boys in front of the tree.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas!


adam's favorite aunt said...

maybe if you put the presents under the tree Adam won't open them.

Amie said...

Beautiful tree and your family is so cute too!