Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Months - ALREADY???

It's hard to believe it's already been three months - although it also feels like Jackson had always been a part of our family. He is such a sweet boy, and we love him so much. Here are some highlights from this month.
Jackson is sitting up really well, if he's proped up on something. I love the look on his face in this picture!
Jackson received his name and blessing over this past month. Here his is on blessing day. Love those chubby cheeks!
It's been fun preparing for Christmas with a four year old and a baby. Here are the boys before church this past Sunday.
Adam loves his little brother!
Needed a picture with an awnry face!
Adam is anxious for the time when Jackson can play him. He's been trying to get Jackson to sword fight with him today!
Guess he's gotta wait a few more months!
Other things that Jackson is doing - he has definately found his hands. He constantly has his fingers or thumb in his mouth and is sucking away. He is also much more vocal - lots of squeeling, and grunting. Sometimes even cute little coos. He is so happy all of the time and has started to giggle. He loves to be bounced up and down, and will giggle when you bounce him. Jackson is also a champion sleeper. We moved him from the cradle in our room into the crib in his room this past month. He is consistently. sleeping from 9pm to 5am. Adam was a good sleeper, but I think Jackson has him beat for sleeping thru the night!
I get a newsletter every week from Parents magazine about the developmental milestones for babies. This is what I read this morning when I opened this weeks newsletter:
"Babies tend to cry most during their first three months, so the worst should be just about over."
I was reminded that Jackson really is an amazing baby! He is so calm and rarely cries. If he cries, you know he's either hungry or tired and those two things are easily fixed with this guy!
So thankful for this cute little guy that joined our family three months ago!!


Laura D said...

I love the pictures!

Donna Mae said...

So nice. Helps a far away grandma keep up. Thanks!