Friday, December 25, 2009

Cookies for Santa

Adam and I made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. We made Santa's most favorite cookies: Scott Manwaring's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. For those of you that know Scott Manwaring and have ever had his cookies, you'll understand - they are the best. I somehow convinced him to give me the recipe years ago (I promise I have kept it a secret!!) I haven't made these cookies for several years, and after getting them made, I remembered why - I could eat the whole batch in one sitting - SO GOOD!!
Anyway - Christmas Eve morning, Adam and I broke out the KitchenAid and mixed up a batch. Adam was a big help pouring all the ingredients in the bowl. He even ended the process with flour on his nose, although you can't really see it in the picture.
Licking the blade after the mixing is all done is the best!
Before going to bed Christmas Eve, Adam picked the best cookies out for Santa and placed them by the fireplace, along with a glass of milk. Daddy thought Santa would rather have a Pepsi, but Adam told him that Santa likes milk with his chocolate chip cookies. Adam also decided to write Santa a note. In case you can't read it in the picture, it says: "Dear Santa, I hope you enjoy the cookies. I made them with lots of love! I love you! Drive Safe! Thanks for the presents! Have a good night! Love, Adam." Adam dictated and I wrote and then Adam signed his name (which is a big feat - he usually has me write it and then he'll trace it, but he actually wrote his name all by himself, just for Santa!)
Here's a close up of the note, so you can see Adam's signature. I was pretty proud of him!
Christmas morning, Adam opened his bedroom door and yelled "Mom, lets go see if Santa ate the cookies!!" It was very cute. He of course, got sidetracked by the presents in the front room, but as soon as he finished checking everything out that Santa brought, he ran back to the fireplace to see if the cookies were gone. He was a little disappointed that Santa left a little piece of one cookie on the plate. I guess Santa was full! But, he did drink all of the healthy milk.
Santa left a note for Adam. Here we are reading it together. He wrote: "Thanks for the cookies and milk Adam. I hope you like your fort. Love Santa"

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