Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last year, Adam had a hard time with Santa Claus. You can see the picture on our blog from last year here:
This year, we started talking about Santa awhile ago. At first, Adam was very hesitant about going to see him, but he soon warmed up when we told him he needed to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. So, the day after Thanksgiving, we once again trekked to the mall to see Santa. Jackson feel asleep on the way, so Santa had a great idea, he would pretend to be asleep as well, and Adam would tell everyone to be quiet! We kept trying to get Adam to put his finger up to his lips like he was saying "Shhhh". He was having a hard time doing this with his left hand and we finally decided to have him try with his right hand. No problem there!! Pretty obvious we have a right handed boy! Anyway - by the time we had Adam figured out, Jackson was awake, so Santa is the only one sleeping in the picture - but it's still cute.
We've gone to Alderwood Mall for Santa pictures the past four years and it's been the same Santa every year. He is a very sweet Santa! And Adam even talked to him and told him he wants a super hero for Christmas!