Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gingerbread House

Adam and I were at Joann Fabrics this past week. I saw a gingerbread house kit, and decided that would be a much easier way to start this tradition, then to make the gingerbread myself. And the kit was on sale for only $6.99 - and I figure I would spend that much on candy alone if I bought it all separtely (do you like my rationalizations?) Anyway - I bought the kit, and on Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Conrad stopped by so Adam and Grandpa did some building. They had a great time putting candy all over the house, and enjoyed sampling the candy to make sure it was ok. I think Adam did a pretty good job for his first Gingerbread house!
Here are the builders with the finished product. Not sure about the look on Adam's face. He's a pretty goofy kid!!

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Sarah Ragatz said...

I think your rationalizations were very appropriate.