Friday, November 28, 2008

Last year, I was at the Mall in the afternoon of Black Friday, and realized there was no one in line to see Santa. So, Adam got his picture with Santa that day. We planned for it this year and have been talking about going to see Santa. Unfortunately, all that talking didn't help. As you can see by the picture, Adam wasn't too excited to be left on Santa's lap.
I just adore this cute Santa at Alderwood Mall. We have pictures of Adam with him for the past three Christmases now, and he doesn't ever change. It's fun to see how much Adam has grown, but Santa always looks the same. Now, if Adam would only sit on his lap and smile. I guess there's always next year!


Kristin said...

That is actually adorable and will be hilarious for YEARS to come. Awesome!!

The Conrad Family said...

Tam that is hysterical! I love the look of terror on Adam's face. That Santa is awesome!

adam's favorite aunt said...

hey I hope that I am getting a copy of that picture I just love it. What a funny little boy at least you can get him that close to santa I know noah won't even go near the area when he knows that santa is in it.