Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Love to see the Temple

Adam loves to sing this primary song. He always asks to sing "the temple song" and "the mission song" before going to bed. (the mission song is "I Hope they call me on a Mission"). The temple song was one of the songs our primary sang for their primary program a couple of weeks ago. Scott said that Adam sang right along with the rest of the Primary. I wish I had been sitting with him. It's so cute when he sings!

We decided to go spend some time at the temple, so Adam could have something to remember while we sing the song. He's been to a couple of different temples for weddings, but I'm not sure he realizes that when we sing this song. The Seattle temple is so beautiful! Especially with all the trees changing colors. It was a nice morning, even a little warm, so we walked slowly around the temple grounds and talked about who lived in the temple. Of course, Adam did not want to sing the temple song at the temple, but he did say "Goodbye" to Heavenly Father as we drove away. I hope he continues to love the temple as he gets older!


Sarah Ragatz said...

That's cute that he said goodbye to Heavenly Father. Sounds like a good way to start teaching about the temple.

Laura D said...

I wished we lived close enough to our temple to go sing the "Temple" song and walk arount. I am glad Adam had so much fun!

Sarah Ragatz said...

Yay! I tagged you! Visit my blog to see what to do. I thought maybe you could use some blogging encouragement.