Monday, November 17, 2008

I guess I'm it!

So, even though this blog is only a few weeks old, I've been tagged by three different people with the exact same tag. I decided it would be ok to just answer the tag once (mostly because I'll be lucky to come up with 7 things - so there's no way I'm coming up with 21!)

I have no idea how to link to another persons blog, but I have all three of my taggers blogs listed in my blog list over there at the left. It was Sarah (stats on the Ragatz), Heidi (the Markowski family), and Heidi (Russell, Heidi, Brielle and Hyrum) Sorry about no links - I guess I need blogging lessons!

Random/Weird #1. I had to have stitches at the ripe old age of 2 years old. I guess that's not very weird or random, but the place the stitches were placed is - they were in my tongue. Apparently I was playing in the bathroom with my older sister when I fell and somehow almost cut my tongue off. There's even a little scar...

Random/Weird #2. I have two very random and weird diseases.... PCOS and chrohn's disease.

Random/Weird #3. I LOVE Christmas music. I could listen to it all year round, and sometimes I do. I'm not sure what it is, but any kind of Christmas music will do. Although my most favorites are "The Forgotten Carols" by Michael McLean and "Christmastime" by Hilary Weeks. I also love to sing and play Christmas music!

Random/Weird #4. I randomly teach piano lessons. It's been really fun to do, but I always just have random students. At one time I was teaching over 10 kids, but right now I'm down to 1.

Random/Weird #5. I spent close to two months in the hospital at the age of 23. It started with a seeping appendix and concluded with an exploratory surgery after which I was diagnosed with Chrohn's.

Random/Weird #6. I didn't want to date Scott when he called to ask me out for our first date. (I found out later I was his last choice for asking out, because everyone else was out of town). It's a long story and it differs depending on if you ask me or Scott, but I guess it all turned out the way it was supposed too!! It's hard to believe that phone call happened almost 15 years ago!

Random/Weird #7. I love to read blogs. I could spend hours surfing around the internet hopping from one blog to the next reading about the lifes of people I know and even the people I don't know. (It's probably a good thing I don't have hours to spend!!) Not sure what it is, but I think blogging is very neat!

I now tag...Jody, Laura, mom Wallis and anyone else who feels like being tagged (once again, sorry no links)


Sarah Ragatz said...

You can't need too many blogging lessons since you were smart enough to get the little image of the tagging rules posted. I'll email you how to put a link in.

Kristin said...

All interesting things I didn't know about you. That tongue injury must have been nasty. Connor actually bit through his completely with his 4 teeth at age 1.5, it was blood galore! when I called the hospital they said don't bother bringing him in, we don't stitch tonques unless it's nearly bitten off. Blah, just thinking about the blood makes me light-headed, your poor mother!