Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worken or Playen???? Saturday November 15

Well Mom had some plans Saturday morning so Adam and dad decided to go help Grandpa and Grandma rake up some of the many leaves they had in their front yard. I can't decide if Adam was worken or playen? As you can see he and Grandma got into a leaf fight! I think Adam won! However it just so happens that the place Grandma and Adam decided to have the leaf fight was also the same spot some bees decided to make a hive! They had built the hive in the ground right about the same place Adam was standing just under the canoe. Luckily they didn't get too mad, a bunch came out but I think they just wanted to see the leaf fight. However during the fight one bee decided to get a closer look and ended up inside Grandma's sweat shirt. He must have gotten scared because he stung her on the arm (so I guess Grandma did lose). So with the bees out we decided to call it an ealry day. We did get about half of the yard done which filled up one yard waste container and 11 large bags of leaves. So I'm not sure if it was work or play but it doesn't matter cause we had fun!

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Laura D said...

That is what we did last week! The boys love doing the raking, playing and jumping in the pile. We did our neighbors yard so we get to do it again this week!