Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Today was a nostalgia inducing day for me. Every year as a kid my family would pile into the car, rain or shine, and make the trek to a U-Cut Christmas Tree farm, march through the mud until we found the perfect tree and then take turns posing with the saw to cut down the tree. I love that this is a tradition that Scott agrees we should carry on with our own little family. We did this for several years before we had Adam, and it was always fun, but anything with a three year old is much more fun!! We didn't get a tree last year because we didn't spend Christmas at home, but we took Adam out the year before to cut down a tree. He was just over a year old and had just figured out how to walk. This year was much different!
We headed out this morning with our good friends The Markowski's to a tree farm in Carnation. It was muddy, since it had been raining, but of course, if you waited for stuff to dry out around here, you'd never do anything! The kids had great fun seeing who could get the most mud caked on their shoes. I'm pretty sure our friend's 6 year old Abby won that one! We walked from one end of the farm to the other and them back again, but I think we did find the perfect tree.

Here is the picture of Adam helping daddy cut down the tree. Yes, Scott is laying in the mud. He's such a great mountain man! (I won't tell anyone that Ryan kneeled down on a piece of plastic to cut their tree down!)
The cutting of the Christmas tree always signals the start of the Christmas season for me. (Even though I have been listening to Christmas music for at least a month!!) What a wonderful time of year. I love the trees, the lights, the cookies, everything that this particular holiday season includes. Everything works together to remind us all of the real reason for the celebration...that one bright star in the sky that signified the birth of a little baby boy who became the Savior of the World.


Sarah Ragatz said...

Thats so much fun! This year Carman and I decided to start the same tradition.

The Conrad Family said...

Looks like you got a great tree! Good job on the cutting Scott...way to take one for the team!

Markowski Family said...

We are still trying to get the mud off of Abby's boots- J/K! Those were some good times, but I hate to burst your bubble... WE got the "perfect" tree (with plastic to kneel on and all ;))

Laura D said...

I wish we lived close so we could cut trees with you!

Kristin said...

so pretty! funny thing is I have a pic of Luke this year just like that in the mud, have under the tree. I don't think it was his highlight from the day. You'll have to post it decorated.