Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Favorites - Adam

I've been having so much fun going through the past year of pictures.  I've really got to figure out how to get all these pictures organized!  Another thing to add to my list...  Anyway - Here are some of my favorites of Adam from 2010.
Such an awesome big brother!!
 Being silly with best buddy Xander.  I love that Xander comes to our home one night every week to play and Adam goes to their home every week as well.  They really are best buds!
 I wanna be like - UNCLE BRIAN!
 Emtpying the dishwasher or practicing for a balancing game?
 Adam is a pro at giving the thumbs up!  He does it all the time!
 Concentrating on an art project with Grandma Wallis.  Adam can be very serious about "projects".
 Playing with little brother.
I am so glad I decided to put Adam in this pre-k class.  This picture is from his first day back in September.  He LOVES going to school, and he is learning so much!  I love being able to go one day a week and really see what he's doing.
 Adam loves the water, and he still talks about the Wallis reunion back in July.  I love this picture of him splashing around.
 And this picture.  I wish I could read his mind...  Man on a mission.
 This is from our trip to see the new Vancouver temple.  I just love that look on his face.
 I'm not sure how much longer Scott's going to be able to carry Adam on his shoulders...
 Love this one.
 And last - this is the Santa and Mrs. Claus that came to the Christmas party at Adam's school.  Adam was confused about why Santa's mom came with him...  He didn't want to sit on this Santa's lap - just shake his hand!
2010 was really a great year!  It's amazing how much growing happens in just 12 months!  I feel blessed to start 2011 and look forward to all the adventures that lay before us!

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