Friday, January 7, 2011

15 Months and Favorite 2010 Jackson Pictures

Jackson had his 15 month checkup this past week. I really like the pediatrician we take the boys too.  He loves to sit and talk to the kids, and really engages them.  It's funny because he adopted his first child right about the same time that Jackson was born.  He's always talking about the struggles he and his wife are having with their son.  He's a very different doctor, now that he's going through the same things we are! 
As usual - he was delighted with how big Jackson is.  Stats for the visit - Height: 34 inches (above 97th percentile), and Weight: 29 pounds (93rd percentile, I think this is because he'd been sick the few days before his appointment).  Adam didn't have a 15 month checkup, so I don't have any comparison there, but I'm sure Jackson has continued to be bigger than his older brother.
Jackson has truly grownup over the past few months.  He still has a funny little walk - his legs are almost bowlegged - but he is also thinning out, so I think that will start to go away soon.  The fun part is how verbal he has become.  Adam was such a late talker, but Jackson is saying so many words!  He says, "more," "bye-bye" (including a wave of the hand), "thank you", "momma", "dadda", "wow", and he will often repeat words that he hears us say - he was saying "grandpa", and even his own name over Christmas break.  Jackson communicates so well, most of the time.  He will nod his head or shake his head no when we ask him questions.  And most of the time it makes sense.  He is also starting to get some molars in his mouth.  He's been sporting those 8 front teeth for awhile now I was thinking it was about time some more start breaking through.  His favorite new skill is walking up and down the stairs. He is just growing up so fast, and is such a happy kid.  He started out so solemn, and can still be at times, but when he is happy, you can't help but smile and laugh right along with him.
I've been going through some pics, and have included some of my favorite Jackson pictures from 2010...
Getting to know Uncle Brian.
 Playing with Daddy.
 Staring contest with BJ Bear.
 Sporting the cap from Great Grandma Couch.
 Chubby legs!
Chubby guy in the bath tub.  He loves the tub!
 One of very few cuddles.
Summertime nap at the beach near Burien.
 At Fun Forest with Maira. 
 Jetty Island eating some pirates booty.
 Cuddles with Grandma after taking a nap.
 First snow - he loves this bench on our neighbors front porch.
 Learning to feed himself.  He loves any food, but especially yogurt. (although yogurt and pretty much all dairy products have started to give him a rash around his mouth.  It started appearing after he had roseola at Thanksgiving time.  I asked the doctor about it, and he said he should grow out of it and to treat it with Cortizone if it was really bad - otherwise just put lotion on his face a couple times a day.)
 He is such a tease.  Dad was trying to get a kiss, and everytime Jackson would pretend like he was gonna kiss dad and then lean over towards me,.
 Isn't he such a cute baby??!
He continues to be a bit of a momma's boy, but he's also growing out of it. 
I really love this kid!!


Sarah Ragatz said...

I love the chubby legs picture. I wish I had one of Emmalynne.

Diane said...

I love the one on the beach with your mom. Can you believe how fast these babies grow?

The Conrad Family said...

Oh he is such a cute boy!! I love love love those chubby legs!! Can't believe how big he has gotten!