Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turn around and CRAWL

Jackson is 15 and a half months old and almost 3 feet tall.  I admit, he is a big boy, he's growing so fast, really starting to talk, and moving around on those cute little bowed legs!  Unfortunately, he has decided that he is big enough to walk down the stairs.  Yes - I said WALK.  He actually does a pretty good job - most of the time, but it scares me to death.  He has fallen down the stairs at least once a day since Saturday.  He just insists on standing up and using the wall to help him balance and walk down the stairs.  I wonder how many times he can fall down the stairs before his body is black and blue with bruises?

1 comment:

Scott said...

When Mom says "insists" she means he backs away screaming/yelling at you if you try to pick him up! He will "allow" you to hold ONE of his hands as we walks down but thats it!