Thursday, April 28, 2011

A short story

So here's my side of the story. I did give Tammy the deadline because as she points out so often I'm nearly 40 and getting really old! So we agreed to try and have kids until I was 40. As she stated that was extended which you can read about in the long story. So Tammy's breathing was getting worse over the weekend and when she came back from the going to the school district in tears I told her I would go in late and figure out the kids. I got them to a neighbor and went to work. I was pretty worried because she may not like to admit it but she is just as stubburn as me when it comes to the doctor. So I knew it must be hurting if she actually went. She gave me updates during her appointment as she had so many waits between steps. She finally called to tell me she had "Pluersy". I said "What is that?" She siad "It's very common in your first trimester!" I said "So how did you get it?" She said "think about it?"

That was a long pause then I said "So how did you ge...... NOOOOO" Not no as in I was mad but NOOOOOO as in I was totally shocked because we have never gotten pregnant without her getting medical help! Our entire family is very excited to welcome the next addition to our family.

The Lord has truly blessed us! It has been a roller coaster ride going form trying for 8 years with no luck, some experts in the field telliing us we would never have children of our own to wondering what both of our patriarcle blessings meant by family and kids (the life to come?)to now our 3rd little miracle! Tammy has gotten great medical help allowing her to get pregnant but I have no doubt that the Lord is the reason behind us having our children! Shortly before she got pregnant with Adam my dad called telling us that the cost for a mission had gone up and wanted to know if we could cover the added amount for my sisters mission. Tammy and I gladly said yes. That was late September early October. Tammy was pregnant in December with no medical help at the time (We were going to use fertility drugs starting in January). He has continued to bless in such ways!

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