Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wallis Reunion - Water Park Fun

Wisonsin Dells is the water park capital of the United States. I have to say that I have never seen as many water parks in one place. As you drive down the main street in town it is lined with water parks down each side. Pretty crazy! We talked about trying out one of the big parks, but we got free tickets to the Chula Vista resort park from the place we stayed, and who can beat that deal!! So, we spent two afternoons playing at the waterpark. We even stopped off at the waterpark after checking out of the resort before heading home.
Adam had SO much fun! It was the perfect place for kids. Lots of smaller slides that he could do on his own. Basically - just lots of water! There were also slides for the grownups. Adam was tall enough to go down all of the slides. He tried a couple of the bigger ones, but soon realized that he wasn't quite ready for those yet. His favorite was a gray slide in the outdoor area. He wanted to go down it over and over!The kiddie pool was great for the little ones! Very shallow water with little fountains spurting up all over. Jackson had fun playing with Grandma and Clara.
There was also a lazy river, which was great fun. We all jumped on some tubes and floated around.

And around.
I think this was Jackson's favorite thing to do. He laid on my lap splashing in the water once in awhile. It was hard to pry his little fists off the handles of the tubes when we were ready to get out!

It was lots of fun!

It was a fun way to spend a lot of our time while at the reunion. The park was the perfect size - it was fairly easy to find the others of our group, and there was enough to keep everyone from the babies up to the adults entertained!
I had to include this last picture!

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