Friday, July 23, 2010

Wallis Reunion - Ride the Duck

Friday of the reunion came around and we were a little water parked out, so a few of us decided to go "ride the duck". They had several of these ride the duck places in the area, but we were told that the best one to go on was the "Original Wisconsin Duck". So off we went for a tour of the Wisconsin River. It was a pretty cool ride! We saw some beautiful fern beds and rock formations as well as some historic sites in the area. It was fun to go splashing into the water and rolling through forest trails.

Scott and Adam enjoyed making faces.
Jackson enjoyed the ride until he finally fell asleep.
After the duck ride, Adam wanted to go back to the water park. Instead, we talked him into playing some miniature golf. We went to a Pirate golf course, which was perfect for Adam. He had a great time golfing with his cousin, Jared, Uncle Brian, Uncle Carman, dad and Grandpa.

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