Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nine month old babies

Jackson had his nine month check up yesterday. Every person that came in to see him said the same thing: "Wow - you've got a big guy there". Yup - Jackson is huge, and my arms are about dead by the end of the day after lugging him around. This kid needs to figure out how to move around a little bit more on his own!
Anyway - here is where Adam was at 9 months:
24 pounds 8 ounces (95th percentile), and 30.5 inches (96th percentile)
And Jackson at 9 months:
26 pounds 6.5 ouces (off the charts) and 31 inches (also off the charts)
Now - a test, can you tell which picture below is Jackson and which one is Adam? They are both about the same age in the pictures.


Sarah Ragatz said...

I can tell. Because I was there when one of those pictures was taken! But, I won't spoil it for the group.

Tammy said...

Yes Sarah - you were here for one of these pictures. I had to crop you out!! :)

Donna Mae said...

I think the bottom pic is Adam. Cute boys.