Monday, July 26, 2010

End of the T-Ball season

T-ball sure went fast this year. I think Adam had a lot of fun, and his t-ball skills seemed to improve. He's become quite a slugger - he just needs to work on the catching and throwing part. He does pretty good if he will actually look at the person he's playing catch with - otherwise the ball goes flying over the other persons head.
The Mill Creek YMCA does year end parties a little different - normally the team just meets up in the parking lot of the ball fields after the last game, the coach hands out trophies, and that's it. We had a great team, and they all wanted to have an actual little party, which was great for us since we were in Wisconsin the day of the last game. We all decided to head to a local park for pizza and cake. It was fun.
Here's the team with the coaches (Scott ended up as the assistant coach, which was great!)
Adam and his buddy Xander showing off their trophies.
After pizza, cake and a little presentation by the coach, we headed to the playground. Adam climbed to the top of this spiderweb thingy. Then he got stuck and Scott had to help him get down.
We're looking forward to t-ball again next year. We enjoyed playing with the Mill Creek Y, so we will do the same, and try to keep the team together.

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