Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wallis Reunion - coming home

Saturday, the reunion came to an end and both of Scott's sisters headed on their way back home. The rest of us packed up, and headed to the waterpark for one last hurrah. Then came the drive from Wisonsin Dells to Decatur, IL where Scott's parents live. It was nice to see their home again. They've been working hard at replacing floors and painting walls, and it looks fabulous! Adam and Brian were happy to be out of the car and cuddled up on the couch!
The next day, we once again piled in the car for the ride to Indianapolis and the airport. We flew from Indianapolis to Houston and after a mad dash from the end of one terminal in the Houston airport, onto a tram, and half-way down another terminal, we boarded another plane for a 4.5 hour plane ride home.
I have to say, I am SOOOOO greatful that Uncle Brian agreed to travel with us! Three adults with two kids was AWESOME! Uncle Brian got Adam duty, which left Scott free to help me juggle the monster of a 10 month old we call Jackson. Now, before our travels, I would have to say that Jackson was a pretty easy going kid. There were a few things he didn't like, and he would put up a bit of a protest for these things, but nothing too bad. After our travels, it's a whole different story. Jackson has a MAJOR attitude!!! And, he's not afraid to share that attitude! He does not like being held in a small space, and he knows what he wants, and will keep fighting for it, until he gets it. We also learned that his voice works really well - as did all of our neighbors on the plane. He's developed this screech that could shatter glass - and he's not afraid to use it!
So, once again - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Uncle Brian!! I know that there were some perks to traveling with us (like getting to go to the front of the security line), but those were totally outweighed by all the annoyances (having to wait in security to have every bottle and jar of baby food tested, the screaming, waiting for the stroller that was gate checked, the layovers, never having a moments peace from Adam). I'm not sure how we'll ever repay Brian for making these sacrifices! But, he does have the total adoration of one 4 year old! Does that help???

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Autumn said...

That is so sweet that he loves his Uncle Brian so much. I love that picture of them at the airport holding hands. They will probably always be great friends.