Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dinosaur Park - Ogden, Utah

The day before we flew home from visiting Nate and Shae's family, we all made the drive to Ogden to visit the Dinosaur Park. If you ever happen to be in or near Ogden, I would highly recommend taking the time for a visit. It was so much fun, and the kids all had a great time! We started out by going through a little museum. One of the first rooms we walked in to, had a life size T-Rex and Triceratops that moved and made noise. I wish I had taken some pictures as the kids first walked into that room. Everyone of them stopped in the door-way and their mouths just dropped open. Adam looked back at me and said "are they real mom?" He was a little scared and wouldn't go anywhere near the fence, even though I reassured him that they were just pretend. The display certainly made an impression!
We walked through the rest of the museum and saw lots of dinosaur bones. It was very cool to read about these humongous animals that roamed Montana, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Washington all those million of years ago - and to see how big they really were!
Anyone who knows my brother won't be surprised by this picture.
Here are Jackson and Asher. I can't wait to get these two guys together in the next few years. They'll both be running around and I can just imagine the fun they will have together. Asher is 10 months older than Jackson. The rest of the park is located outside and there are huge dinosaur sculptures everywhere. We walked around the paths and discovered all different kinds of dinosaurs. The kids were so excited to see what was around each corner.
Here's the group posing in front of a Triceratops. From L to R: Me and Jackson, Adam, Shae and Talia, Noah, Nate and Aiden, Asher.
I wish I had taken this picture just moments before. Adam had run up to this little viewing area, and didn't seen the dinosaur. He was very startled! Nate is reading to the kids about this scary looking guy!
There was a excavation site for the kids to dig around in. Adam and Noah very carefully uncovered this dinosaur bone with brushes. Jackson's idea of excavation was to eat the dirt.
There was also a great playground that included dinosaurs for the kids to climb on. Jackson enjoyed riding the dinosaur.

My boys.
Giant Frog.
After the dinosaur park, Tiffiny drive down from Draper to meet us for dinner. We had a great day and would love to go back to explore some more.

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