Monday, June 28, 2010

Is bachelor life all that good?

Yes that is a picture of three teddy bears in my bed. The first one dressed in a seahawks uniform is Adam's, the white one is Tammy's and the one in the hoodie is Jackson's. My family is away on vacation and their bears share my bed to keep me company. I know sounds pretty bad for a 39 year old but my family means everything to me. I'm glad that the boys, especially Adam, are getting to spend time with their cousins! However I am ready for them to be home! I thought I would share a few of the things I miss.

Jackson - He is a GREAT addition to our family! He is fast becoming Daddy's little boy. He still loves his Mommy to death but he really loves to wrestle and he goes nut's when Adam and Daddy wrestle. His little hands get going, he starts to yell and keeps looking at his mom. You can see exactly what he's thinking in those little eyes, "Mommy, Adam needs my help get me in the action, NOW!" Don't worry Adam and I always take time to get Jackson involved and he loves it! I miss giving him shoulder rides, he always has the biggest smile and constantly bounces. Most of all I miss his huge smile every morning I go into his room and get him out of bed!

Adam- Every time I see him I think of the wonderful miracle our Heavenly Father gave us! He has become my best friend (Don't worry Jackson has joined him). I love spending time with him. We now have star wars legos that we get to play on the Wii. He loves it and of course wants to play it all the time. I miss teeball! I help coach the team and went tonight but it just wasn't the same without Adam. I miss races, shoulder rides, hard hugs and hard kisses. Most of all I love going to bed hearing "I love you all the way to the moon and back, I win"

Tammy - As much as I love my boys it doesn't compare to how much I love there mother! She is the love of my life and makes me feel like the luckiest guy alive every single day! I miss my good bye have a great day kisses, my welcome home we missed you kisses. Walks with Mom and the boys. Mom helping Jackson get in on the action with Dad and Adam when it's wrestle time. Watching her with the boys, she is the best mom ever and dedicates so much of her time to them! Most of all I miss her ice cold feet cooling down my vey hot feet every night!

So that's why the bears get to spend time with me while they are gone. I am a very lucky man to have such a great family!


Sarah Ragatz said...

That was a very nice post, Scott. You know, a trip to the post office would help take your mind off their absence...

Laura D said...

I agree... that is a great post. The kind every wife would love to read.

The Conrad Family said...

Thanks for sharing them with us!! We sure had a lot of fun and I can see just why you missed them! They are pretty wonderful!!