Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What to report?

I know all 2 of you that follow our blog (Grandma and Grandma) are wondering what's going on since I haven't posted anything in almost two weeks! I guess life is just going on. Let's see what we've been doing -
Scott and I celebrated our 16th (yes, that is 16 years) wedding anniversary back on May 28th. I can't really believe it's been 16 years. It doesn't seem possible. We also helped Scott celebrate his 39th birthday. I've been thinking about all of these numbers lately. I was recently given a new visiting teaching companion, and after talking with her on Sunday I thought - I'm no longer the "junior" companion. I know they don't put VT companions together that way, but I've always been paired with someone either older than me, or close to the same age. I think my new companion is at least 10 years younger than me. How did that happen? I have always felt young - not that I'm feeling old or anything - I'm just feeling different lately. I guess maybe I'm having a harder time with Scott turning 39 than he is. I don't feel like we have hit the mid to late 30s - it doesn't seem possible. I'm not making any sense, so I'll stop typing about this topic...
On to the boys (which is the real reason I do this blog). Jackson finally cut his second tooth. It's been a loooong couple of weeks! We actually finally broke down and took him to the doctor last week. He had been pulling at his right ear like he was going to pull it off, and it just wasn't letting up. Both ears were beautifully clear. But, he had 3 teeth trying to pop thru. He has been grumpy!! I noticed yesterday that the second tooth on the bottom came thru - so now we're waiting for the two top teeth. His top gums are so swollen - hopefully they will come thru quickly. Jackson has also gone back to his old ways when it comes to pooping. (Sorry - skip this part if you don't want to read about poop!) When I was breast feeding him, he would go a week or more without pooping. The doctor wasn't too concerned, since when he did poop, it was soft, and he didn't have any problems. When he started solid foods, it became much more regular, but over the past two weeks or so, he has started having a hard time. Can teething cause constipation? I heard it can cause things to go the other way... Anyway - I've been adding prune juice and miralax to his bottle to try and loosen things up a bit. Poor guy! I hate to see him struggle like he has the past couple of weeks. He pushed so hard one day that it actually made him throw up. He just cries and cries! The prune juice seems to be working, although he's not back to his once day poops, it was much softer yesterday! (OK - no more poop talk!)
He's also become a much pickier eater. He wants grown up food and wants to feed himself. He's so funny - he can clamp that little mouth tight when he doesn't like what we try to feed him. He has started to show the first signs of crawling. Not sure what took him so long, but last night he was doing the rocking thing, and has started to move himself backwards. It's only a matter of time now!
So, what has Adam been up too? He started T-Ball yesterday. He is playing thru the YMCA again this year. You never know what you're going to get for a coach thru the Y (all volunteer/parent coaches), but it looks like Adam lucked out this year! His coach has played baseball all his life, and started the kids out with some stretches, and then baseball fundamentals. He might actually learn something this year! His friend, Xander is playing on the same team, so that is fun too! The weather has been so wet this year, that his first practice was actually cancelled. We got to the field last night, and it was a virtual mud bog. Hopefully we will start having some dry weather around here! I'm sure I'll lots of pictures to post in the coming weeks!
We've started the last few weeks of preschool. It's my turn in the rotation again, and I've had fun planning for activities this go around. It's been so fun to see the changes in the kids! I did preschool the month of January and part of February, and the kids have progressed so much in several skills since then. This has been a fun way to do preschool! We were lucky to be included with a couple of other kids whose moms had done this type of co-op preschool with their older kids. Adam has learned a lot over the past year thanks to the other three great moms! I am so glad we decided to join in!! Adam has loved going each week and I'm sure he's going to miss it over the summer!
I guess that's about it from around here. Sorry for the boring, no pictures post, but I wanted to keep my "journal" up to date.


The Gisle's said...

I'm a reader!! :D I love hearing about your family. Your boys are so cute and you guys are a great example of an awesome happy family.

As for pooping, my little Anna (13 months) has SEVERE poop issues. It kind of irritates me that her doctor acts like it is no big deal and I've been in there 4 times about it. She has the largest bowel movements I have ever seen and they are NOT soft. She screams and screams and can't sleep and it just gets worse. I've tried every thing under the sun. Prune juice works every now and again, but not regularly. As of now we have to find something to give her regular diarrhea to shrink her poor bum because now she doesn't get the urge to push until they are way too big because she is so stretched. Too much info?? Sorry...but I'm there with you struggling. Breaks my heart. I think my next step is mineral oil and OTC suppositories. Eww. Doesn't sound fun for either of us.

Tammy said...

Debbie - so sorry about Anna! It's so frustrating when you don't feel your doctor at the same level on concern that you are! Weird thing - I was talking to a friend about Jackson's issues, and she said that graham crackers helped her son - something to do with the wheat flour or something. Anna has probably had graham crackers before, but if she hasn't, maybe that will help loosen things up for her.
When I was still breastfeeding Jackson, we had to give him suppositories if he went over a week without a bowel movement - not fun! Hope you don't have to resort to that!

Sarah Ragatz said...

You're bound to get comments from everyone BUT grandma and grandma. I thought for sure you'd list me when you said you only had 2 readers!

Diane L said...

16 years! I remember when you got married :)

Lucky boys to have you two as parents. I'll bet 16 years ago you would never have dreamed you'd be blogging about poop!