Monday, June 21, 2010

We've hit the 9 month mark

My baby is 9 months old today. So hard to believe that time is going by so quickly! I've been slacking on the picture taking front lately, so there aren't many pictures to share. Jackson did finally push through those teeth that were bothering him at 8 months - it took almost the entire month, as well as a nice rash and a few other side effects. Teething seems to be much harder for him than it was for his brother - and it's moving along much more slowly! His top middle two teeth have just barely pushed through the gums. You can hardly see them, but you can definitely feel them. His bottom middle two teeth are through and growing nicely.
This is Jackson and I at Adam's preschool party. Teething has helped to make him a binky baby. Everyone said I should just go for it and give him the binky - so I did. He's getting more and more attached!Jackson continues to be such a good baby! It is so much fun to see his personality coming out. He has become a little more comfortable on his tummy and is just now starting to scoot around. Earlier today, I set him on the floor and he rolled to the other end of the room. He's starting to figure out how to move. He ADORES his big brother. Adam can always make him laugh. If Adam is in the room, Jackson's eyes follow him everywhere. The two of them are starting to gang up on dad during wrestling matches. I think dad is going to be in trouble once Jackson gets a little bit bigger!
I'll post his weight and height after his doctors appointment. He doesn't have his checkup until July 7th, because we are leaving on Friday to go to Wyoming to see my brother and his family. Wish me luck - Jackson does not like his car seat, and we are driving down with my mom. If you've got any tips for long car rides with babies, PLEASE send them my way. I'm a little worried that if he's not sleeping, he's going to be screaming about being buckled in the car seat the whole time! Should be an interesting ride!
But, he is such a cutie-pie - I'll put up with a little screaming.

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