Saturday, June 19, 2010

T-Ball Game

Adam had his first T-Ball game of the season on Saturday. He is playing with the Mill Creek YMCA this year, and even better, his friend Xander is playing on the same team. He is pretty lucky this year to have a coach who is pretty knowledgeable about baseball. Scott is also helping out with the coaching, and he and Adam are having lots of fun practicing in the back yard. Here are a bunch of pictures from the first game.
The ball is actually in his mitt. I'm pretty sure he dropped it, but the picture looks good!
Waiting for the ball to be hit.
This kids got some moves!
Look at that pivot towards the ball!

And now - for the batting! Adam's got a pretty good swing and can smack the ball past second base, if he pays attention to what he's doing!

I love the smug look on his face after the run to first base.
And here are some spectators. It was a cold June day, so we're trying to stay warm watching the game.

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