Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preschool Field Trip - Kangaroo Farm

We spent the day with some animals from the Outback, but only had to travel less than an hour from home. I had no idea there was a Kangaroo Farm in Washington State, but there is, and we went for a visit. It is up north about 45 minutes from our home in Arlington, and it was definately worth the trip! We had a fabulous time!
Here are all the kids as the tour was getting started. They are looking at some Leaping Ringtailed Lemurs. The kids thought they were pretty cool because they look just like King Julian from Madagascar.
After the introduction, we got to actually go into the pens where the kangaroos are. It was fabulous! We even got to feed them. Adam was a little unsure at first, but he warmed up pretty quickly. You could feel their little teeth on your hand, and sometimes they would even grab for your hand with their paws. It was amazing how gentle they were, and their fur is so very soft and cuddly!!

Jackson was SO excited! I had to include this picture where you can just see his little hand. (One of the other moms took a better picture and I'll include it when I get a copy.) Every time a kangaroo would get close to him his little hands and feet would start going. I pulled him out of the stroller and he couldn't keep his hands off of the kangaroo. At first I was a little concerned because he was grabbing the kangaroos nose and everything, but there was no problem. Again, the kangaroo was so gentle and just licked his hand a little and nuzzled him with his nose. Jackson thought it was the best, and was grinning from ear to ear!
Here is a momma kangaroo with a baby in her pouch. The baby was born at the end of September - so she (baby's name is Heidi) is the same age as Jackson.
This was the largest kangaroo we saw. His name is Kangaroo Jack and when he stood all the way up on his hind legs, he was as tall as the guy giving the tour.
The kangaroos really were amazing!
There were lots of other animals, including several peacocks wandering around the farm. It was fun to hear them "yelp". A couple of weeks ago at preschool they talked about the book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear". Adam has asked several times what a peacock "yelp" sounds like ("I hear a peacock yelping in my ear"). We heard lots of peacock "yelps", and Jackson even joined in on the yelping!
Here's one of the peacocks with feathers all unfurled. (I kept my eyes open for loose feathers to bring home to Scott for fly-tying, but didn't find any!)
We also got to feed some donkeys. (These guys were Elizabeth and Burrito - all the animals had funny names)
And Llamas.
I included this picture because of the goofy look on Adam's face.
At the end of the tour, we went into the little gift shop and they brought the baby kangaroo in and let the kids hold her. She was so precious!
This was definately a place we would go again. The tour was great and it was very kid-friendly.


Diane L said...

My grandson's would love this place!

Sarah said...

That looks like an extremely cool place! Isn't it crazy how you can live somewhere forever and never know some of the cool places there are to visit?