Friday, May 21, 2010

Has it really been 8 months?

Can someone please tell me how to slow time down a little bit? The past 8 months have gone by so fast - especially this month! I haven't been very good about taking pictures. So, there are very few pictures to go with this post.
Jackson did not have a very happy 8 month birthday. He is working on popping out his second tooth (the bottom right). His poor gum is bulging, and he spent the day with a slight fever and runny nose. He was just not happy unless he was being held, and he spent a lot of time just laying his head on my shoulder and tugging at his ear. Hopefully the tooth will pop out during the night. He was so tired at dinner tonight, I got these great 8 month pictures of him sleeping in the high chair. Poor baby!! Zoned out!

So, since there aren't many pictures highlights this month, I'll just tell you what he's been doing. Jackson is still not interested in crawling. Adam has tried several times to show how to crawl, and he's pulled him around the room on his belly. Jackson just thinks it's a game and laughs hysterically at his brother. He has been working on his reach - he can pretty much fold his body in half to try and reach for something. It's pretty amazing what he can get at without moving!
Jackson has started giving the best hugs and kisses! I love getting him out of bed in the morning! First of all - he is SO happy! Then, as soon as you pick him up he wraps his little arms around your neck and snuggles in. He will then lean back and come straight at you with his mouth wide open. Basically, he just sucks on your check and even gets his tongue in on the action! I love it! Sometimes when he's sitting on my lap, he'll grab my face and start heading in for the open mouth kiss. It's so adorable!!
He's also become fascinated with hair. If I don't pull my hair back when I'm holding him, he constantly has his fingers in it, and is always trying to get it into his mouth. It's pretty funny - he'll just sit there with a mouth full of hair and a big smile on his face. I also have to be careful in church - he will grab for the hair of anyone sitting in front of us. One little girl last week was not very happy with him!!
Scott will tell you that Jackson has decided that mom is his favorite person. I have to say that I am loving it! He gets so excited when I walk into a room, and a few times when I've tried to leave, he's become very upset. Adam never did that, so I'm enjoying having a little momma's boy - at least at the moment! I'm sure it won't last forever!
I stood on the scale with Jackson tonight to see how much he weighs at 8 months. I can't believe that he weighed in at 25.5 pounds! (with diaper and pajamas) No wonder those size three diapers are seeming a bit small!
Here are the other pictures I took this month. Jackson loves this little activity center. I teach a couple of piano lessons Monday afternoons, so Jackson gets to spend some time playing in this, and he loves it! He starts chattering so loud, and has become quite the bouncer! It keeps him entertained during those lessons!

Love my little Jackson! Can't believe he is growing so fast!!

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Heidi said...

So cute! I want a Jackson-kiss!!