Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why I don't want a dog

I think that picture is self explanatory!!!
Don't get me wrong! I love dogs! Most of my childhood memories include a dog in one way or another. I don't really remember a time growing up when we didn't have a dog. However, this past week reminded me why I don't want a dog. We've been dog sitting a very nice dog named Dixie. Dixie is a remarkable dog - very well behaved, and very good with kids (she comes from a family with 6 kids). Dixie is a big black dog with long black hair. That is number two reason I don't want a dog. Dog Hair! But, getting back to number one reason - Dog Poop! We actually had some nice sunny days while Dixie was at our house, which means that Adam wanted to play in the backyard. Everytime he would go outside, he would almost immediately come back inside and ask me to clean up the dog poop, which I would do because who wants a kids with dog poop on his shoes! Well - Monday morning, Adam went outside to play and about two minutes after going out, he came back in to ask me to clean up the dog poop. I was in the laundry room folding towel, so he walked in the house, thru the dining area and kitchen and down the hall. As I'm telling him I'll be out in just a minutes a sudden smell hit my nose... you guessed it - both of Adam's shoes were covered in dog poop! Oh, the horror!! Needless to say, the floor got a mopping, and the shoes got a nice cleaning! I'm just glad he didn't walk onto the carpet!

After all that - here is the reason I do want a dog:

These are pictures of Adam with our dog Ashley and Ashley's boyfriend Spencer. Adam was about 2 years old in these pictures. I love the joy on his face in the first picture. Both Ashley and Spencer have passed away, and there are some days I miss our sweet Ashley. She was the perfect dog for us!! I'm glad that Adam got to spend a little bit of time with her.
Boys and dogs just go together! Jackson has LOVED having Dixie at our house. His face lights up everytime he sees her. Adam has loved it as well (except for the poop part). He has feed her every morning and night, wants to take her on walks and plays with her all the time.
So, maybe one day we'll get a dog again. Maybe in a few years....


The Conrad Family said...

Oh cute Ashley!! I thought she was just the sweetest dog! But...I am with you on the dog poop!!

Markowski Family said...

Sorry about the poop! We really appreciated being able to go on vacation though! :)

Sarah Ragatz said...

All I can say is: I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Diane said...


Somehow it always seems like the mom gets poop patrol, even when it is the chore assigned to the children.