Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video Dump

It's been awhile since I've added any videos to our blog. Our little camera is full of lots of little gems, so I decided to share some here. The first is Jackson laughing! He doesn't give up these laughs very easily, so it's very satisfying when you gt one! Enjoy!

Here's one I promised in Jackson's 7 month post. Check out the hand and foot movement as he waits for his bottle. This is what he does when he's excited about anything. It's so funny!

This is Adam swimming during our recent trip up to Canada.

And finally - preparing for the race upstairs with dad.

Just a small taste of life at our crazy house!

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The Conrad Family said...

Cute videos Tam! We watched them all multiple times!! It is pretty apparent that we don't see you guys enough. Talia and Aidan both asked who that guy was with Adam. I told them it was Uncle Scott. Then a few minutes later Aidan asked if it was Uncle Hyrum and Talia just kept calling him Adam's dad. SAD!! We need to see you more often! Love the videos of Jackson. What a cute boy with a fun little laugh! Love you guys! Give all those boys big loves from us...even Scott!