Thursday, August 12, 2010

Water Fun with a Good Friend!

The weather around here has finally decided to act like summer for a few days. We quickly decided to head outside and do something summery while we had the chance. We headed out to a spray park in Bellevue that I had been hearing about, and have wanted to check out since it opened last summer. I was a little diappointed that it wasn't what I was imagining (I was thinking lots more water spraying everywhere), but the kiddos still had fun. We took Grandma along (Happy Birthday to Grandma!) and our wonderful neighbors came as well! Poor Jackson has a pretty nasty cold, so he stayed out of the water and just crawled around on the grass, which is one of his favorite things to do anyway!!
Here are Adam and Xander striking a pose (Vogue anyone?) under the middle section of a dragon. This was one of the weird things about the park. They had this cute dragon to climb on, but the only place water was spraying out was out of the dragon's nose (Adam said the dragon had a runny nose - "just like Jackson" - I'd have to agree it's been pretty similar. Lots of snot coming out of the baby!!)
Adam is a very brave climber lately. He enjoyed climbing all over this rock with weird looking fish on it. Then he would scream when the water started spraying and jump down.
This next picture shows where Adam spent most of his time. It was very popular among the kids and there was always a line. I found, surpringly, that Adam will not stand up for himself with kids he doesn't know. I was standing there and watched the kid in the red shorts cut in line about 3 times in front of Adam. None of the kids would say anything, so I finally stepped in the 4th time he was cutting and asked him to wait in the line like all the other kids. He just looked at me and kept going, so I asked him again, and again to go to the back of the line. He finally just walked off, and then came back about 3 minutes later and tried the same thing. I thought maybe he didn't speak english, but then I heard him talking to another girl, in very clear english. Just a rude kid!! Anway - enough with that rant! I was mostly just surprised that Adam didn't say anything to the kid. If it had been Xander or anyone he knew pushing in front of him, he wouldn't hesitate to say something. In spite of that, he still really had fun on the whale, and spent a lot of time climbing on it.
The best part was sliding down the nose. You never knew when the water would spray up out of the spout, so that added to the excitement!
The popsicle man for the area was very smart and brought his popsicle truck to the parking lot several times during the 4 hours we were there. He would just sit there and blast his annoying music and the kids would flock to the truck pulling parents by the hand. Adam and Xander got Spongebob Squarepants popsicles and thought they were very fun!
There was also some regular playground equipment at the park to play on. I didn't get any pictures, but the boys had lots of fun. (I forgot my camera, so these pics were all taken with my cell phone - it takes pretty good pictures, don't you think?) We had a fun afternoon, but I'm not sure we'll venture all the way to Bellevue just for the spray park again. I did really like the surface under all the spray toys - it was very soft and springy - all of the other spray parks we've been too - which is a grand total of two others - have cement under the toys. If Jackson had been feeling better, I think he would have had a grand time crawling around and climbing on the whales and rocks. We'll keep checking out all the spray parks in the area, and hopefully find the perfect one! Here's hoping summer is here to stay for a little while!!

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Have you been to the Willis Tucker Spray park? It is Awesome! Here is a link -