Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer Birthday Trip

The past couple of summers, we've made a trip out to Ocean Shores to celebrate the end of summer and Adam's birthday. Scott was asked to help with WoodBadge this year, so we decided to do our trip the last weekend of August instead of waiting until September, since those weekends were quickly filling up. (WoodBadge has since been cancelled because they didn't have enough people sign up - oh well!) Scott and I have talked several times this summer about how poorly we have planned things - meaning that we haven't really planned anything, until the last minute. This trip was no different. By the time I got around to making reservations at The Grey Gull - which is our favorite place to stay in Ocean Shores, it was all booked. We tried several camp grounds near the ocean and even some camp grounds at a few other places, but everything was already booked. Finally, on Monday of the week we wanted to go, we decided to try a hotel in Leavenworth, WA. I made several phone calls, and was FINALLY able to book a room thru (We are going to plan better for next summer!!) So, Friday morning, we headed out to Leavenworth.
I love Leavenworth. Scott and I have spent several weekends there, my sister and I kidnapped our mom for her 50th birthday and took her there, we had a family reunion there and we've been camping at Lake Wenatchee (which was all booked up as well - I checked!). It has been quite a few years since we've spent any time there and it really hasn't changed a bit. It's just this little town, surrounded by mountains. Scott took this great picture of the moon.
We spent Friday afternoon walking around and enjoying the sunshine. We went into the Wooden Toy shop and Adam had fun spending a little of his allowance. After shopping a little, we found an ice cream shop and sat in the park enjoying our ice cream.
Jackson enjoyed sharing mommy's ice cream!
After getting his fill of ice cream, Jackson decided to crawl around. He kept crawling over to the sidewalk where he would turn around and sit down, right in the middle of the foot traffic. It's a good thing he's such a cutie!! To distract Jackson from the sidewalk, Adam decided to be a tunnel for him to crawl thru.
That was fun, too!
We had a nice night at the hotel, where Adam went swimming. The next day, Grandma and Grandpa met up with us, and Adam had to show them the Wooden Toy Store, and then we walked down to another park that is right on the Wenatchee River. Adam watched his dad skip rocks on the river and tried so hard to do the same. It was a lovely, and relaxing day. (We left the camera in the car!) After stopping at my most favorite store in Leavenworth for some delicious candied apples, and then a wild game of miniature golf, we headed home.
Next summer we'll be sure to plan ahead, but for a last minute trip, we had a great time!

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