Saturday, August 21, 2010

A last hurrah at Fun Forest

There is a little amusement park at the Seattle Center called Fun Forest. I have fond memories of elementary school field trips, fun days with the family and teenage date nights spent at Fun Forest. It was originally built as part of the 1962 World's Fair, and now, in two weeks, after Labor Day weekend, it will be closed down for good. A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor Quyen and I decided we should take the kids before it shut down. She too grew up in the Seattle area and remembers the roller coaster as her first roller coaster ride! It worked out that a Saturday would be best, which was great because the dads got to come too! So, this morning, we headed out to downtown Seattle and the Seattle Center. I was surprised as we walked into the Fun Forest area - all of the big rides were gone. There used to be a roller coaster (Quyen's first ride), a log ride, an alien space sheep that defied gravity, a haunted house ride, and a couple of more - all gone. They've already been sold, dismantled and shipped off to various amusements parks around the US.
We continued walking and found that most of the little kid rides are still there. We enjoyed a weekend at Fun Forest with Adam about 16 months ago, before Jackson was born, so Adam was excited for another visit. Especially since we were going with his best buddy! So, we bought some tickets, and let the boys pick their rides!
Jackson and Maira got to watch most of the rides. They did make it onto the carousel, but neither one thought it was that great, so we didn't try again.
Adam wore his sunglasses most of the morning, and he refused to smile, except for when the rides were going.
The dad's joined the boys on the Rockin' Tub ride.
Scott really enjoyed it!
Bumper cars are always a hit!
Jackson got tired of the stroller, so after lunch, he spent some time pulling my hair during his favorite ride a shoulder ride! This one didn't cost a dime!!
Quyen and Scott joined the boys for the little roller coaster. I was surprised Adam agreed to go after his traumatic water roller coaster ride at the family reunion - but he went with daddy, and had lots of fun.
The end of the ride. Adam doesn't look too excited, but he said he wanted to go again!
Jeff and the boys did one more ride on the Rockin' Tub. Adam insisted that he wanted to go by himself - no daddy this time. I thought it was funny that he did sit right next to Jeff!
He likes it!!
The boys picked their last ride. They look so big handing their tickets over to the worker.
Quyen and I sat with Maira and Jackson watching the last ride.
Jackson got a handful of Maira's hair. One of his favorite past-times, pulling hair!
After the last ride we found this fun little garden and took some pictures of the family. It turned out to be a pretty day, although it was a little bit chilly. Not sure what the deal is with Seattle weather this summer!
Jackson enjoyed some practice walking on the cobblestone path.
After pictures, we decided to head home. So glad these boys have each other. They are such good friends!!
We had a fun last hurrah at Fun Forest. I guess there is still a campaign going on trying to save it, but I think the chances are pretty slim. It's a little sad to see something from my childhood going away. I'm glad I got to share it with Adam...

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