Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Annual Jetty Island Trip

We took our 3rd annual trip to Jetty Island on Monday. For the second year in a row, we had yucky August weather. Overcast, a little breezy, and even rain - although I think it was warmer then last year. Once again, in spite of the weather, we had a great time. Our favorite neighbors (Jeff, Quyen, Xander and Maira) joined us as well as a friend that I've known since I was 11 (LeAnn) and her kids, along with her sister (Lesley) and her sister's kids. It was fun to go with some older kids, and they had great fun playing in the sand and playing in the water. Yes, they all got in the water, even though it wasn't even 70 degrees out.
Jackson wasn't so sure about the sand at first, but he quickly warmed up to it and was crawling all over. He even tried to eat it - once.
Adam and Xander played in the water for awhile, and built a sand castle, and then after lunch they played on the little sand hill. They dug holes and laid down in them and pretended they were in rockets that were blasting thru outer space. They had a great time.
Jackson got a little fussy at nap time. I walked up and down the beach with him trying to get him to sleep. LeAnn took this cute picture. Any time he gets super fussy, I like to hold him close and bring my forhead down to his. It always makes him smile!
He did finally fall asleep.
We ended the afternoon with a rain storm. It started with just some sprinkles and was soon raining pretty hard. LeAnn, Lesley and I had gone for a walk down the beach and when it started raining, we turned around to head back to the group. By the time we got back to them, they had packed up all of our stuff and were ready to head back to the ferry. So, we trekked through the wet sand in the rain and just made it to catch the ferry back. I took this picture of a wet Grandma with Jackson on her back on the ferry ride. I wish it had turned out better, but the camera was seriously covered in sand!
We have so much fun when we go to Jetty Island, and maybe one of these years we'll actually go on a sunny day! But, no matter, we'll keep going - rain or shine!


Sarah Ragatz said...

Wow, that little Jackson with her new haircut looks like a totally different kiddo!

Scott said...

Umm sis, Jackson is a boy!