Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Artwork

Adam has always enjoyed coloring and drawing. He has recently started drawing people. I think he does a pretty good job. This is a recent picture. He brought it to me and asked me to write in everyone's name as he told me who the people were.
A couple of things that I found funny:
1. You know who his favorite person is. Uncle Brian is the biggest and has the biggest smile.
2. He wanted to have all of his cousins, but he couldn't remember everyone's name. So he pointed out Noah, Talia, Aiden and Asher, and then told me the other group was his Other Cousins. We went and looked at the family picture we took at the Wallis reunion and I pointed out his Wallis cousins, but he just couldn't decide which was which, so he said "write down other cousins"
3. How come he drew Daddy as a little boy and "Daddy growed up", but Mommy was only drawn as a little girl?
4. I love that "Daddy growed up" is holding Jackson
5. I asked him if he drew Grandma and Grandpa Conrad or Grandma and Grandpa Wallis. He said he drew all of them. The grandma picture is two grandmas and the grandpa picture is two grandpas.
It makes me happy to know that Adam knows that all of these people love him!


The Conrad Family said...

That is such a great picture! I am so glad he still loves his cousins here because they sure love him too!

Sarah Ragatz said...

That is so cute. The first thing I noticed was the enormous Uncle Brian pretty much right in the center.

Laura D said...

The first thing I noticed was the picture of daddy... and I am glad you wrote about that one because I thought it said, "Daddy as a little lady."

Donna Mae said...

You know you have done something right when such a young child thinks of all his family. Good Job!