Friday, August 20, 2010

The funny things...

We've had a steady stream of people coming in an out of our house this week. Over the weekend, we noticed that our internet connection wasn't working. I also found out that I am on the computer - a lot - but in my defense, I do some work from home! I was feeling rather disconnected from the world, although it was also nice in some ways. We didn't have internet starting Saturday afternoon, until Wednesday afternoon. We tried several things to get it back up and working - phone calls to Frontier, a new router being sent out, more phone calls, the IT guy from the company I work for coming out, more phone calls and finally a technician from Frontier coming out. I figure if I had to send Frontier a bill for my time and the IT guys time, it would have come to over $700 (that's at our billing rate at work). It's too bad I can't get that amount taken off my bill this month!! The problem was with a card that went bad in the control center at Frontier. Go figure!
Anyway - this morning when I got to work, I was talking to our IT guy here and telling him how they finally fixed it. I also thanked him for putting up with Adam while he spent 2 hours at our home Wednesday morning. Adam followed him everywhere and asked him a million questions. Greg said, he was fine, and it was fun to have his company. Two funny things that he told me:
Adam brought his teddy bear to show Greg. His bear has a Seahawks jersey and helmet on and Adam told Greg that this was his Seahawks bear. Greg asked "do you like the Cowboys too?" Adam's reply (sorry Scott) "No, I just like the Seahawks!". I guess he's old enough now to pick his own team.
Second - Adam told Greg that he plays baseball and showed him his trophy. Greg asked him what position he played. Adams response; "Transformers". Greg asked him again what position he played and Adam again said "Transformers". Greg was very confused until I told him this morning that Transformers was the name of his team this past year.
The good news - Greg said he understood most of what Adam said! It was great to hear that! I guess the two years of speech therapy did some good. I still have a hard time understanding some of what he says, so I sometimes wonder if it's done any good. It was nice to hear that someone who has never really been around him was able to have a conversation with him.

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