Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Kisses

I think I've mentioned before that Jackson gives the best kisses! Wide open mouth, a little tongue, sometimes a chomp from the newly grown in teeth, and always tons of drool! I love getting kisses from this kid!
Yesterday Scott came home from work early because he has several things he needed to get done for a meeting. So, he was home when Jackson woke up from his nap. Jackson can be quite cuddly when he first wakes up - especially if I have to wake him up (he had been sleeping for 3 hours and it was almost 5:00). So, I took Jackson into my bedroom and laid down with him on the bed. Adam was next door playing with Xander, so Scott came in to see what Jackson and I were up too. He sat down on the bed with us and started teasing and tickling Jackson. Every once in awhile, Jackson would look at me and lean over and give me a big slobbery kiss. Then he would sit back up and play with dad some more. Scott would say "Where's my kiss, Jackson" and make little kissy noises. Jackson's reply was to lean over and give ME another kiss! This went on for about 15 minutes! It was so funny! Scott couldn't get a kiss for anything! But, Jackson made up for it at bedtime. Scott was laying on Adam's bed after the shoulder ride race (a nightly event when dad is home). Jackson crawled over, grabbed Scott's head and sunk his teeth in. He left a big ol' glob of baby drool along with the teeth marks! He said he wanted a kiss....

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Sarah said...

Well now I know never to beg him for a kiss!