Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Stockings

One of my favorite Christmas decorations to put up every year is our family's stockings.  My stocking was made by my Grandma Conrad way back when I was born.  She made one for each of us the year we were born.  She then made one for Scott when we got married.  Once we started having kids, my mom took over the stocking duties and she has made one for each of my kids.  These are not simple stockings - Tiffiny and I made a new one for our mom last year, and they are a lot of work!  Each stocking is many hours of love and hard work!  I should have taken a picture of all of our stockings hung up this year, but I didn't.  There's always next year!
Scott got this great picture of the boys sitting in front of the fireplace looking up at the stockings.  I wonder what's going on in their heads. 
This is the stocking my mom made for Kate this year.  Isn't it beautiful?
My boys always love getting their stockings out each Christmas, and I know Kate will be the same.  

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