Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Month

It's amazing how quickly a month can go by, while at the same time it can feel like time is standing still.  I'm amazed that Kate is a month old!  It's been both a challenging and a wonderful month all at the same time.  Here's a picture of cute Kate at one month (and two days) old.  (What can I say - I'm a busy mom, I didn't take a picture of her on her one month birthday).
 I haven't been very good about blogging about what Kate's been doing since she was born, so I'll list it all here. 
She's been getting lots of loves from both of her brothers.  Adam loves to hold her and is very careful with her. Jackson likes to hold her too, but he only lasts about 5 seconds before he's done.  He does give her lots of kisses on her head!
She's been bundled up in the Moby wrap everyday to pick Adam up from school.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but she's all wrapped up, ready to go.  I've already gotten a lot of use out of my Moby wrap - I bought it before Jackson was born and only used it a handful of times with him.  After just a month, I'm a pro at putting that thing on with Kate!
 More snuggles with big brother...
She's been playing legos... 
 ...with Jackson.  He's been very good about sharing toys with her.  Hopefully he continues to be good at this when she actually wants to play with his toys.
 She's done some snuggling with Jackson...
Lots of snuggling... 

She's enjoyed bath time with her brothers. 
Kate has had one visit to the doctor at 12 days old.  She was up above her birth weight (after dropping almost a full pound by our post partum appointment) and weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces.  She's continued to grow since then.  She's a good eater and some days wants to eat every 2 hours.  She doesn't go back to the doctor until two months. 
Kate's had a very busy first month of life. It's been a big adjustment for everyone! I've been glad that Scott has been home most mornings to walk Adam to school. I've also been grateful for the meals that have been brought to us! We had dinner brought in almost every night for two weeks after Tiff left. I'm so thankful for friends and ward members who have been so willing to serve us.
There have been a few days, I've walked around in a daze from lack of sleep - I thought your third baby was supposed to be the easiest one! Kate has definitely not been my best sleeper, and she demands (with a very insistent and LOUD cry) attention often. She likes to be held and snuggled, and I happily oblige when I can. I am trying very hard to enjoy snuggling with her, without worrying about what is not getting done. I know that sooner than I'd like, I'll be walking her to Kindergarten and she'll refuse to give me a kiss - just like Adam does.

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