Monday, December 26, 2011

AJ the Elf

We had a special visitor join us shortly after Thanksgiving.  Santa sent us our very own elf.  We got to give him a name, and quickly decided on AJ (which stands for Adam and Jackson).  So, AJ the elf spent the month of December watching the goings on at our house, and reporting back to Santa each night about whether or not the kids were being good.  Some days, I'm sure Santa didn't get a very good report on the behavior of the parents or the kids in this house.  But, we worked really hard and being nice to one another, and doing the things that we were asked to do.  Several times, Jackson could be heard saying "sorry AJ, I'll be better" after he lost his temper and threw one of his "I'm a two year old" tantrums. The best part about AJ coming to visit was getting to look for him every morning.  AJ was a mischevious little elf and did lots of crazy things when he got back from the North Pole.  We didn't take many pictures, but we did keep a list of all the things he did. 
1. The first morning, we woke up to find AJ swinging from the lamp in the stairwell.
2. Then he was sliding down the handrail of the stairs.
3. He made himself some hot chocolate.
4. He played some Mario Cart on the Wii.
5. He sat outside the boys bedroom and read Christmas books.
6. He relaxed in Kate's swing.
7. He played the piano.
8. He built some crazy stuff with Legos.
9. He drove Jackson's buzz lightyear car (Jackson thought this was so hilarious - he talked about it all day! We actually got a picture of this one...)
10. He did some coloring.
11. He built a tower with tinker toys.
12. He climbed up the ladder of the bunk beds looking for the boys (they had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house and AJ couldn't find them)
13. He started putting ornaments on the Chrismas Tree.
14. He played with the Little People Nativity Scene
15. He watched some TV
16. He had a race with Buzz Lightyear
17. He ate some cereal
18. He took a rest in Kate's boucy seat.
19. He climbed to the top of the Christmas Tree
20. He put on Jackson's shoes and Adam's gloves.
21. He climbed into Adam's stocking.
22. He climbed up the Santa calendar to give Santa a hug
23. He traveled all the way to Grandma and Granpa's house to find the boys on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve, before the boys went to bed, Adam decided he needed to have a picture taken with AJ, so we could remember what he looked like. 
 Then AJ sat next to the milk and cookies we left out, so he could go back to the North Pole with Santa.
We sure had fun with AJ, and hope he comes back next year.

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