Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

We enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas Day at home where everyone came to us!  It was nice not having to get in the car to go anywhere.  The boys slept in until about 7:30, then we all headed downstairs to see if Santa had visited.  Here they are coming around the corner...
 Jackson checking out the Aquadoodle mat the Santa brought for him.
 Santa ate all the cookies, except for two little crumbs.  Jackson told everyone that Santa ate the cookies and left a note.  He thanked the boys for making his favorite chocolate chip cookies, and for taking care of AJ.
 While we waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Wallis to come over with Uncle Brian, the boys played with some of the toys that Santa brought.  We got a game of Twister, which Adam was excited about.  He knew all about playing Twister from school.  He was a pro!

 Not sure where this move came from... I don't remember anything on the spinner that said "full body on Daddy", but this happened several times during the game!
 Kate and I were in charge of the spinner...
 Santa brought Adam a Beyblade arena, which is what he really, really wanted!  The boys all played some Beyblades while we waited.
 Opening presents was lots of fun too. 
We are so blessed!  It was so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Wallis here again with us this Christmas.  We are thankful that they travelled out to spend the week.  It was also fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Conrad come, and Aunt Tiffy, Uncle Hyrum, Uncle Brian, Uncle Daris and Aunt Rachael and Robyn.  We have so much to grateful for!  Especially our Savior, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day.  I am thankful for his life and example!  Merry Christmas to everyone!

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