Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of summer haircuts

We've been buzzing the boys hair all summer (including Scotts!) to keep things easier.  Jackson is so much better than Adam ever was at getting his haircut.  He will sit in the bathroom and let Scott go at it with the clippers.  Adam still has a bit of a hard time sometimes. 
We decided to get some nice haircuts before school started - something more than just an all over buzz.  So, Saturday afternoon we headed out.  Scott usually just takes Adam for his haircuts, so I had actually never witnessed him being calm and climbing into the chair all by himself.  I was amazed!  I guess it really proves how grown up he is getting!  At first, Jackson copied his brother and climbed into the chair and sat there all by himself - until the girl started to put the cover over him - then he started crying.  So, Scott sat down held him.  He didn't have to restrain him - I guess he just wanted to reassurance that it was all ok.  He sat there on dad's lap and and let her cut his hair.
Here's Adam!  Scott said this is pretty normal for him now.  He'll sit by himself and let the gal cut his hair.  He's growing up! 

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